Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Have faith that your prayers will be answered

August 12th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I, and yes, I have been with you today. I come whenever I can and certainly whenever you call. I am Care.

Life is a precious gift, as is the gift of free will. It is about choices, and if you were to follow your heart and assume that we will help you, then God will open up every door in love. What would your choices be?

So often people are limited by their low self-esteem, their feelings of unworthiness. I tell you this is not helpful. Are we not all worthy in the eyes of God? Are we not all His children, and as the prayer says: “the objects of his great love and tenderest care”? You may stumble and even fall at times. But if you continue to pray, continue to be open to the great gift of Divine Love, walk in faith, all doors will be open to you in ways beyond which you can conceive.

And if you reflect on your past, the times you thought all hope was lost, or that obstacles were insurmountable and so you let go and sent up a little prayer: “Oh God, please help me! I am lost, I am confused. I am at my wits end. I am depressed and lonely.” Did not God send help? Was not your prayer answered? Sometimes this is much to your amazement, hence the expression, “o ye of little faith.”

But I say to you, think of that expression with humor, every time you get a blessing. It increases your faith. It increases your trust. It opens the door ever wider for new beginnings. Everyone is familiar with the saying “follow your heart,” and I strongly agree. I would only add that you follow the deep longings of your heart for love, for happiness, for freedom, for healing, and above all for God’s love.

May every good and perfect gift be with you who are dearly beloved, deeply loved, and cherished? Walk in faith dear ones. All will be given to you. How I love you! And if I may say, how proud I am of all of you for staying the course because I know where this journey will lead you to. It is one of endless love and glory in God and his Kingdom.

Thank you. Go with God. I am your friend, sister, grandmother, and beloved. I am a redeemed soul in the celestial heavens and eternally yours,

I am Care.