Contemporary Messages From Spirit

I will guide you

June 18nd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I, Robert Lees, your brother in Christ. I have been following along1 today as you have perceived, with much happiness and gratitude. So very much impressed that your souls can decipher the deeper meaning of the words I received, as they cut through a more contemporary language and the quality of soul that they possess.

I overheard your discussion about traveling to my beloved England and the places where I was born and lived, and most especially where I wrote and received what you are now reading. I would, of course, be delighted to travel with you should you go. But I must tell you that it is not England that has something to give you, it is the Love of God you have within your souls to give England. Wherever you go you bring this gift. So, on the one hand, as you might be traveling for enjoyment, for historical reasons or seeing the beauty, the verdant beauty of the countryside, and the majestic cathedrals and the cities and towns, the most magnificence will be, again, your love,2 greater than any edifice, more brilliant than the sunrise, more beautiful than the rolling hills and dales of the countryside.

Of course, I wish you to enjoy all of it and to be at peace. It will be a most gracious thing to visit the spiritualist churches which have hung on in a time where secularism rules, in a time where agnosticism and atheism seems to be the norm. And yet, this connection to one’s ancestors, the longing for love and understanding, has lingered on, and in that way, you can connect with the soul of England and beyond. This you can do wherever you travel, separately or together.

Let me say once again, how happy I am for your kind words, for your studies, for your commitment to progression in the Divine Love, the greatest thing in all of God’s creation. My dear friends, I embrace you with all my love and blessings, and promise to continue to be your guide, along with many others, on this journey in Divine Love, on this path of truth. I am your brother and friend in Christ, I am Robert J. Lees. God Bless you.

Note 1 Referring to the readings from his book The Life Elysian

Note 2 the Divine Love in the soul