Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Joy and Healing

March 18th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend in the love of God. I am Yogananda. My dear ones, I don’t generally come to this group, for Judas is the facilitator along with Clare and others. But I came by today, and I couldn’t help but overhear your discussion and what you were reading, and I wanted to comment on something.

All of us here in the Celestial realms live in joy and bliss and a happiness beyond comparison. And we have told you when you open to the Love of God you receive this joy in ever increasing amounts. And did you know that joy and happiness heal the body just as sadness and despair and troubles invite what you would call “breaking down your immune system.” Of course, there is physical food and spiritual food. So, if you wish to have a healthy body it is good to consider what you take in. But ultimately, all physical bodies degrade whether they live for a longer or shorter time.

So, when we come, our interest is being with you when you receive the spiritual food that nourishes the soul, that embraces not only your spirit body, but affects your physical body and your environment in very positive and healing ways. This is, of course, why people love comedy and humor. You have been told by our friend Charlie (Chaplin), who was so good at this, that he loved to see the joy that his work brought to the hearts of millions. Imagine how the Heavenly Father delights in the joys of you receiving His Love: requesting it, opening to it, so that He may shower this Love upon you and bring you ever closer to the fountainhead of His being and His grace. And yes, your souls have led you here to this place of prayer, to the beauty of song, of melody and praise, of poetry and prayer. For there are many ways to open to the grace of God when the soul is longing to receive it.

I come in this circle as your guest today and send each one of you my love and not only the blessings of my soul but of all those here lifting you up in the love of God. May it be yours. I am your brother and friend, truly. May God bless you. I am Yogananda