Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Keep your Eyes on the Prize

August 17th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

Thank you for trusting me to come and allowing me to come and be in your circle. On my journey on earth as a Reverend, I prayed earnestly, and some days without ceasing, for guidance and for protection. My template was based not only on the teachings of Jesus, but also on the non-violent activism of Gandhi. I saw what he was able to accomplish by an absolute refusal of violence, of taking up arms against the oppressors.

So this became my message to those who joined me for the causes of social justice, racial equality, for the freedoms that were guaranteed by the founders of my country and yet as you well know were not extended to those who were considered less than human, not equal, less smart, not good enough and so forth. We persisted and by the Grace of God we succeeded in many ways and yet the cancer of violence and hatred and segregation and superiority still exists and, in many places, and in many cultures.

I believed that God was love and that Jesus was His great prophet, son, and prince of peace. So I often quoted from the Gospels and sometimes from the Old Testament things that would awaken the consciences of the oppressors but also to give hope to my brothers and sisters. We marched in faith and in peace and suffered but we kept as I would say, “Our eyes on the prize”.

So you who have had the wonderful privilege and blessing of receiving the truth of God’s Love, the true Gospel of Jesus, and of the progression of the soul to the Kingdom of God, I say, “Keep your eyes on the prize” for there is none greater. And while you live on earth do your part with this Love that you have, do your part for social justice, for the earth, for the poor, for all those in need. The love of God gives one great empathy for all those who suffer, for the hopeless and the hungry and yes, even for one’s enemies. Did not the master say: “Love your enemies, those who oppress you and hate you?” Let your love conquer all as it is the great weapon of peace and light that comes from God, and we are all His children.

May God bless you each on your journeys and I thank you for taking my message. We here have great hopes for humanity in this time of peril, in this time of change and transition. Fear not, have Faith and walk in the light ad love of God. All is well. May God bless you. Truly bless you. I am your brother and friend in Christ. I am Martin Luther King. Walk in Peace.