Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Let Go and Let God, go to God for All

March 12th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend, Judas. As always I am delighted when you come together in prayer, in study, to consider the great truths that came through the Master. The greatest being the truth of God’s Love.

The mind is in flux and is able to bend and twist and maneuver, and yet at its core it is an organ of discrimination and is able to distinguish one thing from another. It’s quality of intuition can send a signal of danger but often sends out that something quite good is coming, and then you have a good feeling, and the mind can process this. This is your intuition.

So part of what James Padgett received in terms of the history of Christianity which was important is its origins, and the errors that were made and the assumptions that became part of the orthodox dogma. However the real importance of those messages was to take the mind away from the concerns of the orthodox teachings of hell-fire and damnation, Jesus’ blood redeeming, and the fantasy of the virgin birth, and so forth. The real message is to be in your soul, above such distinctions, above the mind, and to find the reality in prayer of receiving the great gift of the Creator’s Love. This IS our purpose.1

This is the core of what we wish to disseminate to you, as has been said, again and again, soul to soul. For a soul receiving the Essence of God, His great Love, becomes at-one beyond the mind and all of its byways, all of its explorations, however intellectually valid they might be. For we in the Celestial Realms wish to serve you, to serve your souls, to encourage the longings to take precedence over the mindful curiosities, valid as they may be, but that are in a sense, only extensions of the material world and the material mind. As you read today,2 “Let go and let God, go to God for all.” This is the great truth.

May the grace of God be with you all and stay with you in this circle of light, in this circle of love. May God bless you. I am your brother and friend in Christ. I am Judas of Kerioth.

Note 1 Judas told me later that our souls lead us to Divine Love truth, not our minds

Note 2 Extract from Eileen Caddy’s book “God Spoke to Me”