Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Let your Light Shine upon every Being

March8th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend in the love of God, I am Yogananda.

I wish to speak about unity amidst all the diversity, amidst all the cultural, political, and intellectual differences of people on earth, whether they be your neighbors or live in far off lands. All are living breathing entities, and precious souls. The perceived differences of humans dividing them and sometimes pitting them against one another, I tell you, these are all of the mind. Whether the thoughts be in harmony with the love and the laws of God or in harmony with the natural world they are of the mind. Whether they be out of harmony or overcome by negativity, grief, anger, or unworthiness, those are emotions prompted by thought forms.

When the soul begins to reach out, often at first, it cries out, “Oh God, hear me if You are there, help me, heal me, lift me, save me. Let me feel Your presence. Awaken me from this nightmare.” It does not even matter whatever the words because the intention, that longing in your soul, touches the soul of God Who cannot help but respond and that response is love, Soul to soul. Of course, there are ministering angels and healing angels for physical needs, for material needs, for safety.

Those of us in the Celestial realms, we come in answer to the prayers from your soul to be changed, transformed, and lifted up in the Love of God. In that sense, and only in that sense, can you say we have wings. For wings are a fitting symbol and metaphor for being lifted above the earth plane into the consciousness of the Love of God and the presence and light which is beyond all human differences, beyond disagreement, and beyond discrimination. It is the supreme unity in His grace.

My dear ones who come to these circles, who long to be in this communion in the grace of God, you are the hope of the world. And as the song said by my brother, “let your light shine upon every being” with the love of God. Let this be your gift. I shall step back now to join you in your circle of light and in the grace of God. I am your brother and friend. I am Yogananda. May God bless you.