Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Let your Love be a Healing Balm

January 29th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ, I am Kahlil Gibran and you honor me by reading what I received and allowing it to touch your hearts. For I lived as if between two worlds, a very human existence, very earthly and yet my soul was on the bridge to heaven, connected with angels. As a human I sought unity between these worlds and often wrote of the human and the Divine. I knew somehow in my soul that we could be one with our Creator. And what was once mysterious to me, is now clear and within my vision and really so much more.

I have entered the Celestial realms and ascended though the spheres in such magnificent company. Those who guided me on earth became my friends in spirit and my guides. What you do not grasp now in human understanding will one day become clear. I encourage you to take the soul’s path and allow your hearts to be fully opened that God may bless your souls. For all else is contained in God’s creation in the embrace of His Love. In the awakening of the soul, your eyes will see all things clearly and even while on earth you will begin to walk as one awakened in the midst of a dream and more and more you will see the sleep of humankind and your heart will burst in compassion, in empathy.

Let your love be a balm a healing balm to those in darkness, to those who suffer. This circle has so many gifts and I wish to say this to you, that you are dear to me and I am honored by our connection in the Love of God and light of His grace. My love to each one of you. Whenever you need me, I will come. I thank you and I bid you farewell in the silence of His love. May it bless each one of you, bring you great joy, faith and trust. God bless you. I am Kahlil Gibran. Peace.