Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Love is the great gift

August 26rd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Charles - Charlie Chaplin. I grew up in an environment that although entertaining, was full of struggles. That was as bereft of love, except for my mother and brother, everyone seemingly focussed on trying to survive. You may know some things about my life and my childhood, and I won’t dwell on them, but I will tell you I was a street urchin for a time doing whatever I needed to do to eat. My mother was institutionalized, my father was absent, my brother and I were as thick as thieves although he went away for a time.

I not only needed to make a living but felt this deep desire to be accepted, to be loved and I discovered my gifts during these formative years. I allowed myself to make mistakes to learn, and I allowed inspiration to come through. And as you might be well aware of, I was very successful. I made many films, but I never forgot my struggles and I included the desire for love, the abuse of power, the horrors of war, social injustice, the bankruptcy of greed and so forth in my many films. I was by no means a saint, but I worked hard to bring joy and humor and truth as I understood it, and music and dance to the world. A world that not unlike today, was in a lot of pain. I am now a progressive spirit on my journey to the fountainhead of the Creator’s Love in the Celestial realms where my mother lives and who has been my guide.

I wish to impress upon you your worthiness for love. I wish to encourage you to discover your gifts, to light a candle to the world. To pray and ask God to transform your soul, to heal you, to lift you, to awaken you in love. What awaits you in spirit is beyond what you can conceive, and you will discover the truth of my words one day but know this for now: Love is the great gift. Love is the answer. Love is the path. Ask and you shall receive, and whenever you knock, assistance will arrive. Isn’t that wonderful?

So, be of good joy! Fear nothing! Your soul is indestructible and longing as are all souls, for love, both human and Divine. I shall do a little dance out of here now and I thank you for allowing me to come to this beautiful circle of such sweet and beautiful souls. With all my love and in the Grace of God. I bid you adieu. I am Charlie Chaplin. God bless you.