Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Love of God leads to a Life of Service

October 29th, 2021

Vancouver B.C., Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear kind mice it is I, your sister Clare.

The love of God leads to a life of service. For the heart opens with empathy to all of God’s creatures and because the law of God is progressive, there is always someone to help lift another up, even in the lowest hells. When you reach out in love remember the words of the Master, *“whatsoever you do for the least of these, you do for me”. The kindness that you read about today,1 Aphraar not knowing why he was being rewarded for an act that he did not even think about but was soulfully moved to do; to save the life of a child. It is a fitting example of service to another.

In receiving God’s love, one cannot help being moved to lift others up in whatever way one can. You all know the saying,”it is better to give than receive”, the deeper meaning of which is the rewards of helping another outshine the act itself for what is rewarded in gratitude. The soul is the receptacle of the rewards for the good that one does however unseen to the mind but recognized by each heart in the feeling of joy that you were able to do something for a soul in need. Lastly, I will just say this. If you are feeling down and out, troubled, and that your lot in life is at a place of stagnation, go and find someone to help as I know you can do. For there is always someone in need and you, my kind mice, have the greatest gift to give of all in the love of God. Rejoice.

I am Clare. God bless you.

Note 1 The Gate of Heaven, Chapter 6 by Robert J Lees. (The Verdict of Revelation)