Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Make no Idols and be Free

June 21st, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am your sister and friend and I come in the grace of God. I am Care. It is written that the Master said: “Love all as I have loved you”. This you know to mean with the Divine Love of the Father.

It is the human condition somehow to make idols that they can worship as they have made of Jesus and many other messengers. And as they have made of celebrity and riches and power and the earth itself. When you come together in prayer the heavens open and you are joined by a multitude from many spheres, some in darkness wishing to be lifted, some progressing through the many spheres and planes, and those of us in the Celestial heavens who always come to maintain the integrity of this portal, and to strengthen the lattice of light.

As your prayers go to God, all those here can see the light emanating from each soul in their longing connecting with the light of Love from the Creator, the effulgence of which permeates this circle. Make idols of no men or women or material things and be free in this Love, which is a treasure beyond measure. I shall step back now and I thank you with all my love and the blessings of Our Heavenly Father. I am Care.

Part 2

I wish to clarify something in relationship to what our dear brother Al received on the three minds, Material mind, Spirit mind, and Soul mind. I know others have commented beautifully, but I wish to offer my perspective because I feel that I had experienced these three minds while on earth. The material mind, of course, being what the vast majority of humanity lives within. It allows the brain to discriminate between this and that and helps us to get through the day, perform certain tasks, needs, and all these things in the material world.

And as the brother received, when one reaches out from their soul, that longing touches the heart of God and brings the Divine Love into the soul. And at some point as I wrote while on earth, this love can be felt as a real substance in ones very being. As the Holy Spirit of God is the active energy of God’s soul that delivers His love into all souls that ask for it, your spirit, the active energy of your soul, can deliver and bring God’s Love , that is now in your soul, that energy, that light to all. This recognition comes at a point when you indeed feel this Love in your very being as a real substance and it becomes, how shall I say, visible through your spirit and in this way one can say, has a mind of its own. For you are moved by this energy, by this bliss, by the love in your soul and your spirit mind becomes the bridge between functioning in the every day world and living in the Grace and the Love of God. This is what I wished to deliver and I am pleased that my beloved has received it well. All my love my dear, and to all. God bless you.