Contemporary Messages From Spirit

My Books are Truly Sanctioned

August 5th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Robert Lees. The eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, nor have the senses perceived what God has prepared for His children in love. As you go through the descriptions in the books that I wrote, or shall I say, received, you get, as has been said, a mere glimpse of the conditions, the environments, and the state of being in the spirit realms. And yet, that mere glimpse is quite amazing for the earth bound to consider. Of course, because you are on the path of Divine love, you can recognize the progression that is being presented to you and at the same time find great comfort in the blessings that God has gifted to all from the vilest sinner to the holiest saint.

As I have said as well, I am delighted at your studies, and as Luke has pointed out, they are truly sanctioned should you wish to share these books and these truths. And they are from the standpoint of the earth, higher truths, and they do contain the Divine Love of God and the progression of the soul, although not to the extent to which James Padgett received yet he was certainly informed by their contents. And so you can see there is something for everyone. You may reach many of a certain disposition by sharing the writings as you are doing, that I received. And there are some that very much resonate with the more judicious approach of James Padgett and the heart of Rev Owens, and the beautiful soul of Eileen Caddy and her connection with the spirit of God, and those still on earth.

So, what I am saying and what has been given to you and through this one by many spirits is that is not only ok to utilize these different writings at your disposal, but also to remember that love, and most especially Divine Love, can be communicated in many ways. Your mere presence when you are in a state of Grace, and you walk in it, talk in it, and furthermore when you sing or create a literary work, or a screenplay or a poem. This has been communicated to you before, I am being made aware of, so I won’t dwell on that subject but just put forth its essence as a reminder.

Time on earth is of the essence and if you wish the earth to be blessed, make use of your time wisely as you do in this circle, in this prayer, in this group. You honor me and others by your devotion to the truth and by your prayers for the love of God. And we honor you to be with you and assist you on your journey whenever you call. So, again with all my love and gratitude and the blessings of all here in the glory of God. I bid you adieu for now. Go in peace and grace with love. I am your brother in Christ. Robert J. Lees.