Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Portals of Light Assist Healing Work

January 21st, 2021

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

God bless you my dear friends it is Keea and I join you in your circle for the development of your healing gift. This is a precious gift that God has placed within your souls and you desire to have developed and so to serve, to serve your Heavenly Father bringing light and love to many.

I have come to support the dear daughter’s vision that she has shared about the portals of light and seeing the formation - a branching out then continued growth and further branching – and which she describes as a canopy reaching far into the Celestial realms. Her description is accurate, for the structure she saw is like an old growth tree in a forest, with deep roots and various branches upon the trunk which enables the light energies and the healing energies to come forward. As she describes it this is to more easily reach the Earth plane and assist the Celestial angels to travel to Earth easier.

Such a structure is established in homes where those residing in these homes are well established, meaning that they are solidly established through their spiritual life and dedication and the time they have spent in this home and will spend in this home. Such a deep and broad structure is given for the establishment of the dear souls who reside within these homes and it is steady and has longevity.

There are other portals of light that have been mentioned. One is where we come and quickly develop a portal to assist our presence in a circle which you have experienced in your travels and yes, these structures are disassembled afterwards so to speak for they have served their purpose. Then there are those portals established for those whose life is dedicated to God and service and perhaps whose life is in some form of transition where they reside and also the work God calls them to do moves them around the world.1 There are portals structured for healers who are dedicated and working through their gift of healing. This allows the Celestial angels to come more closely and the energies of healing and light to move freely through the portal to reach and assist the healer and the one who has come for healing.

There are many ways God can bring forth the blessings to His beloved children on Earth. There are portals around Earth which you feel within the land. These structures move very deeply into the Earth. You know some of these places for you have heard of them and you have felt the energies that emanate from them as you visit these places. These portals of light help to serve God and His desire for humanity to live in peace and harmony with one another.

There are more portals being established. Do not be surprised if some of you receive your own personal portal - whether that be established within your home or you are gifted a portal to assist you in your healing work. You will know the difference and you will feel the sensations and you may even see the establishment and structure happening. As your dedication deepens this may be a gift God provides you for your work.

Each one of you are blessed mightily as you well know, by the inflowing of God’s Love. Your souls are awakening, transformation is happening and this brings unlimited possibilities and potentials. As you hold within your own mind an opening to all God can bring through you, you will continue to see change. Great light and love will continue to be received within your soul allowing you to come into great harmony between your mind and soul and you will feel this deeply within your physical body. As you sit in the Grace of God’s Love open to receive His Divine Essence within you, your healer friends who help you with your healing gift, are with you. We work upon you helping to release old thought patterns, to move the energies within your body and to open and desire further God’s Love. For it is through God’s Love all comes.

I am Keea Atta Kem, so happy to come and speak to you and share my love, my light and my joy. God bless you, beloveds God bless you.

Note 1 A reference to a portal established for the individual whose work calls them to travel, such a structure remains with the individual.