Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Serve with all your Heart

August 23rd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

May the Grace of God be upon you. The Love of God knows no boundaries. It is beyond space and time. It embraces all. Allow this love to inform your lives. To lift you up above whatever concerns, whatever worries, whatever fears, whatever doubts you may have. Your Heavenly Father provides for all of His children and though you may not see it through a lens so filtered, it is true.

You can depend on your Heavenly Father to carry you across troubled waters to your true homes on His Celestial shores. And as Mother Earth has nourished humankind for so long, the in-harmonies of the human condition require this healing period as we have told you and as you are now witnessing. There is a protective cloak over each one of you that you so that you may take shelter in its loving arms, under its umbrella, protecting you from the storms.

There has been much delivered to you about the laws of God, about the workings of your souls, about the necessity for prayer to bring at-onement. And so now my brothers and sisters, actualize this love upon the earth. For you are the promise of a new world. And while you are still upon this earth, you can serve with all your heart those so in need, so bereft of a connection with their Creator that you possess. Bring joy, bring healing, bring a smile, loving words, and the light in your souls to all.

May you remain in love, God’s Love, as you go about your walk on earth and know in your very souls, that you carry this love and that you are all on the bridge to God’s Celestial heavens. May His Love and Light be yours. I am your brother and friend in the Love of God. I am John. Go in peace.