Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Set your Sights on the Highest

January 27th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother on the path of Divine Love. I am Charles. Movies and music and dance and stories and poetry and photographs all have the power to change thoughts, to help people change direction and yet so much is wasted on frivolity and sensory pleasures. Therefore hearing what films inspire you, thrills me.

These were my intentions on earth: How can I lift people’s spirits, bring them joy, and help them see the human condition? And as I have said before, to address social issues, social justice and poverty and women’s issues, politics and of course romance and love. The touchstone of my work was insight leading to joy, never allowing negativity to overwhelm me no matter what the odds. These types of stories and films and so forth help people see beyond the human condition. Or, rather let me say, the condition that they find themselves in so often, surrounded by negativity and feelings of injustice and seeing or reading something that shines a light and that shows them a path forward.

Do I wish there were more movies about God’s Love? Do you all wish this? Stories that not only help heal but can transform a life leading the recipient into light and love uplifting them and awakening something in them that has perhaps been asleep or almost dead in fact, that stimulates the soul? I encourage you to set your sights on bringing more of this to the world in whatever medium you are comfortable in. Set your sights on the highest and as you start to see a story being formed, a song coming into range, a message, a vision, you can make this real.

Continue to pray for the Love of God and pursue the highest my friends, my beautiful, beautiful friends. If you put your focus on this, the results, the rewards, will be beyond measure in the here and now and in times to come. For we are always in modern times1 are we not? Those who are on earth anyway.

You can think of me as someone coming from the past and coming from the future in the here and now. So, stay lifted in joy, in love. I encourage you to make your amusements and entertainments of the highest. It has been awhile since I have come so I am grateful that my brother has agreed to take my message and I am happy that he did. With all my love and blessings and the joy in my soul I wish you God’s blessings. I am Charles. Charlie Chaplin. God bless you.

Note 1 Making a humorous reference to his movie “Modern Times”