Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Slay them with Love

January 8th, 2021

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Care. I am your sister and friend and your beloved and a grandmother. Perhaps it is Grandmothers’ Day today? As you read the beautiful message from Ann Rollins, what a bright and beautiful spirit she is, and also the beautiful words from Eileen Caddy, know we are all Celestial angels, all mothers and grandmothers.

If you are a mother you can imagine one of your children honoring the work that you do now, whether it be during your time on earth or in the future. I am not only honored but delighted that my grandson has opened his mind and his heart and his beautiful soul to understand the truths and pray for the Love of God. A mother’s love for her children is deep and as a grandmother this love traverses the generations with the same hope from those of us in the Celestial realm for our children, for our grandchildren, for our families and for our loved ones.

My husband was awakened in this Love and supported me in my work mightily and it is my delight to support him in his work. And all of us here support this beautiful circle and your gifts and we honor and encourage them. It is not a race, it is a path, with each one traveling at their own pace, though sometimes being distracted and going off in one direction or another.

We continue to encourage you to stay on the path of prayer, to not be too distracted and to choose your entertainments well, that they may be uplifting and not cause fear, or concern, or doubt. For when you are in the grace of God, in His great Love, you know you are lifted above those things of the world that often occupy your attention and trouble you. This is the message that we grandmothers bring to you this day. We bring it to you all and beyond this circle.

During this time of great transition reach for the light, reach for the love. When you are troubled pray. Try not to let the negativity come into you and trouble your heart but let that glow that is here in this circle, that is in each soul here, light the world. For each one of you is a light in the darkness, expanding. There is indeed a lattice of light with more and more souls wishing to connect in love, praying for peace, wanting a oneness of humanity whether that be in the natural state of things or in the Divine Love of the Creator. Love indeed does conquer all. Let it be your sword and your shield. If you must be a warrior, be a prayer warrior. Kill them with kindness, slay them with love. The love from Above, this wonderful gift from God. Be not troubled but be happy. Don’t worry for God is with you, we are with you. How I love you. God bless you. I am Care.