Contemporary Messages From Spirit

The Journey of the Heart is truly the journey of the Soul

November 15th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I Yogananda and I come as promised to talk about the journey of the heart and the journey of the soul.

When the heart is afflicted the doorway to the soul is closed. Those who have suffered abuse or have been made to feel unworthy will sometimes close off the heart and their emotional center gets shut down so that harm cannot penetrate their being. This is a human response to the human condition. But as I have spoken before of a clenched fist, consider that image that often precedes anger or revenge. Yet when that clenched fist of a closed heart begins to open to trust and have faith, it is willing to forgive and allow a healing and a blessing. In your vernacular this may be called an expiation. When this occurs and the heart opens, God can open the door to your soul and your prayer becomes an interface between the longings in your soul and the soul of God, opening that connection. For as you know when a healer is working on one who is wounded who is in need, the recipient must open and have faith in that one, in order for the light and vibrations of healing to have their effect. The spiritual heart longs for this connection. And just as the heart, that center in the solar plexus can feel wounded, angry, doubtful, and fearful, that same heart can feel bliss, joy, grace, and allow the light and love of the Creator to come into the soul. For the journey of the heart is truly the journey of the soul. I ask you to mindful of the condition of your being. So, I ask you “How do you feel?” rather than, “What are your thoughts”? For it is in your feelings you connect to the Divine and allow your soul to open.

May the prayers in your circle, this lattice of light, surround the earth and touch those who have closed their hearts that they may begin to feel the longing in their souls for love. For love is the goal, love is the healer, and the love of God is the great gift. I shall step back, and I thank my brother and all here for allowing me talk today on this important subject. May every heart be healed, opened, and changed, that every soul be transformed in the Creators love. With all my love and blessings, I am your eternal friend and brother who loves you so. In the Love of God. I am Yogananda.