Contemporary Messages From Spirit

The Love will Change the World

June 7th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ, Francis. When I knew that I must change and that change could only happen from God, I surrendered. For I was at war literally, but also with my parents, the hierarchy of the church, and the disparity between rich and poor. Not really so much different then than the world you find yourselves in today, except to say that you can be more aware of disparities everywhere around the world.

And yet, you come into this circle to be changed, knowing in your soul that this change, which the Divine Love creates in every soul that receives it, can change the world. For you cannot take in tens of millions of refugees. And though you may want to, the political structures of the world would find it quite impossible and yes, governments generally do what they do for good, but sometimes not. Organizations, charities, can distribute food and clothing and provide shelter, and this you know. But to change the hearts so hardened by the world, or by belief in the error that change could only come through violence, or revenge, or power is the challenge. So, as you allow yourselves to be changed, your soul affects many, your words will carry the love of God, in your songs, your prayers, your works.

Consider this that even in my time there was a very powerful hierarchy in the Catholic Church. And there were then, as there are now, many expectations, many rules. And so even that was not something I wished to go up against though my beliefs were orthodox. So I dropped out and my friends (the brothers) dropped out with me, and later, my beloved Clare, and her friends, the sisters. And there we were, living the love, helping those we could, offering our service, but above all connecting with God, wishing to be Christ’ed, to walk the simple path.

And from those humble beginnings, great changes were made and to this day many choose to follow the simplicity of my order and The Poor Clare’s, and we watch over them, and influence them, and guide them, as we do with you. I wish to only add that when you are in God’s love, in His Grace, you can feel the flow and harmony of His laws and yes, the embrace of humanity, and the influence from the Celestial spheres. This my dear friends, is worth pursuing.

I say this to you with all my heart, with all my love, and I support your endeavors to be changed, that we are all One in God, forever blessed. And know your love will make a difference, and it does. So be it! I leave you in peace and prayer. I am your brother and eternal friend in the love of God. I am Francis. God bless you.