Contemporary Messages From Spirit

The Physical Manifestation of Divine Love

January 25th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister in Christ, Clare of Assisi. When my beloved Francis, beloved by so many, crossed over into spirit, he was so absorbed in God’s Love that the passing of his spirit leaving his body was in a sense undetectable, because the energy surrounding his body permeated the place where he lay, although his spirit had left, so blessed was it. This is the physical manifestation of Divine love. For if you could not feel it, if it did not manifest itself in light and in a beautiful energy, you might not know of its existence.

It is possible to receive the Love of God without feeling a great physical presence because it is beyond the world. However when you feel the love around your heart, in your soul, this is God’s confirmation that yes, you are feeling His Love and you are being transformed in Grace.

For many are leaving the Earth Plane without this understanding, without the benefit of the knowledge of Divine Truth, Divine Love. So most enter the spirit world in the same condition that they were in on earth, requiring much assistance and requiring a certain amount of education so that they will now know they are in spirit. Those who have received the Love of God, in a sense, they too enter spirit in the same condition, yet their souls are lifted above the earth plane and without the attachments that hold so many down.

When you are in the circle of love and whenever you are connected to God’s Grace and allow yourself to be lifted, God lifts you up. Above the pain, the troubles, the concerns, the wounds and we come so that you will know you are never alone. So that you will remember that you can always call on us for assistance for we do the bidding of God. Our wills are aligned with the Will of God and His laws, at-one in His Love. This is your destiny dear brothers and sisters. This gift that raises you up brings to the world the reality of God’s Love, each one of you a channel of His love and light. Each one a soul in transition.

Be of good cheer and bless all with the love in your hearts, the love in your souls. For the journey on earth is short and as you walk the earth may you leave a trail of love. May your rose-petaled paths brings the fragrance of Love Divine to all.

Thank you for taking my message. All of us here are with you in this circle of light and of love and in your silent prayer. May God bless each one of you and heal the world. I am your sister in Christ. I am Clare of Assisi. Go in peace and grace and love.