Contemporary Messages From Spirit

The Spiritual Life requires Courage

February 3rd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Eileen Caddy, Auntie Eileen. You have discovered much about my life on earth and the struggles I faced and you may have realized that spiritual life requires great courage and it requires attention. Often in life circumstances come about whereas you feel you have no control over the outcome or that you are a victim of those circumstances. When this occurs, it is so important to go to God in prayer, to ask for help and to listen for guidance. Often this guidance comes as a feeling in your soul, a knowing in your heart which way to go. I tell you it is always the way of love.

I look back on my time on earth and I am thankful for the struggles that required me to seek forgiveness from those I had offended and allowed me to accept forgiveness and to forgive those who had offended me, and it was all for love. I could not help but take the path of my soul and when I made a choice that was out of harmony, I paid a price. And when I made choice in love and had the courage to follow that choice the results were always beyond my wildest dreams as in the case of Findhorn, as in the case of the many who have been touched by the guidance I received from God. I tell you, have courage, trust in your guidance. For ultimately it is between you and God. And while others may give you good advice, you can always measure this by the feeling you get in your heart, in your soul. Does this feel like love? Is this a loving thing to do? What is the best path for my soul? Am I enabling things that are less than love or am I encouraging and bringing love to the table?

Life is often a discovery of your soul longings for those on the spiritual path and this is in alignment with the gifts you have been given and often gifts you are not even aware of, until you reach a certain maturity of soul, maturity of love, and then they blossom before your very eyes, and as a blessing to others and as a delight to oneself, to ones’ life. Be not afraid of your gifts. Be not afraid to walk into the future for the benefit of your soul to be transformed will be for the benefit of all in the love of God. Isn’t that great? But you need not take my word for it as you can discern this with your own souls as to the truth of it. For with love comes every blessing and the greatest blessings are in God’s Love. This you have. The journey ahead may be at times trying and difficult and again I say “Pray”, ask for guidance, have Faith, take heart be courageous. With all my love and blessings in the Grace of God I am truly your friend, I am Aunty Eileen, Eileen Caddy. Go with God, go in Grace, go in Love.