Contemporary Messages From Spirit

The Wise Choice

May 24th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear ones it is I, Clare of Assisi. My dear brother, my beloved Francis, at one point in his journey on earth made a choice. You here in this circle of light have made a choice,to allow your souls to be changed, to awaken in the love of God while you walk upon the earth.

I often walked barefoot to be close to the earth, to tread lightly, to allow the healing magnetism of nature to sustain and heal us.1 This outward sign of poverty, humility, and service was preceded by the deep desire to feel the love of God.

It is wise to tread lightly upon the earth that future generations may have a more sustainable planet on which to dwell. It is wise to walk in peace, but the greatest wisdom I can offer you is to be in this prayer, allowing your humble hearts to open to the love of God, that your souls may be forever blessed. This gift you can receive while on earth is a great blessing.

This community, this church without walls, this sanctuary, is something to be kept sacred, to be cherished. For truly when you receive this love you begin to realize that you are indeed, a child of God, a most beloved child, and the object of His great love. This you have chosen. This is a glorious choice and I honor it as does Francis and the many here.

We shall step back to be in prayer with you in praise of God, in celebration, in joy! May the Grace of God be with each one of you that may be a blessing to all in this circle and beyond. In this family of Divine love, in this Portal of Light. Peace to all. Love to all. I am your sister in Christ and your eternal friend in the love of God. I am Clare.

Note This is referring to her sisters in the order of the Poor Clare’s