Messages 2021

Think of Eternity not Death

February 12th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am your brother and friend Judas. I was so pleased to hear and to be part of listening to those messages that you all read today. The beautiful words of Eileen Caddy that she received, the wonderful descriptions of the spirit world and it’s eternal nature (Owen), and the reminder that if one wishes to be in rapport with the Celestial realm the most important thing is prayer.

For as in the messages that James Padgett received from John and as is reflected in what Hans had received from me, it is a matter of soul to soul. It is above the earthly mind and you can call it soul mind. Life on earth is in time and space; it is mortality. Life in spirit and most especially in the Celestial realms is beyond time and space, and immortal.

When on earth people often think of beginnings and endings and because they have a sense of self-preservation attached to their body, they fear the death of that body, and yet, as you read today, when the chick in the egg emerges from the shell it leaves it behind and gives it no further thought. This is not quite the same as those who leave the earth plane in the sense that although they discard that earthy body as you all will and at some point and give it no further thought, but your earthly attachments may remain.

The irony is this fear of death of the mortal body becomes somewhat humorous once one is in spirit and knows it. So I ask you to consider the opposite and rather than consider the time of your death and how long you will be on earth, consider what you would like to do when there is no end in eternity?

I tell you this, the more you devote your time to prayer and receiving the great Love of God, the more your journey in spirit will be above the earth planes in the beautiful progression through the spheres that you are reading about, to the indescribable glories and magnificence of the Celestial realms. I tell you this as one who is an inhabitant of these realms but who also suffered greatly in the lower spheres, in the hells, from my remorse of conscience and the effects it had. My journey was one of being able to forgive myself for as Andrew told me I was forgiven by God, by Jesus, and by all the apostles, and that so lifted me. At first, I did not quite believe it but as it came into my consciousness and I could feel the light and I could feel the love, I wanted so much to be in the state of forgiveness and to help others who were even in a worse condition than myself, as you may have read and already know.

So I only wish to add that you have chosen the journey of God, of love and light and believe me this will lift you up, so have no fear of crossing over and know should you receive enough of God’s love and grace, this transition will be easy, loving, and beautiful. There will be many to embrace you. I say these things not to cause fear or to suggest anyone here is going to pass over this evening, but so that you will focus your attention on the eternal love of God and your welcome when you do pass. You will leave the earth life as a mirage.

I wish you every blessing, every gift, every freedom on this path and to again remind you, whenever you call, we come. So remember to call - through thick and thin we are your brothers and sisters in the love of God, in Christ. We love you. We truly love you and God so loves you. Hold this in your heart, in your souls and be of good cheer and joy. I am Judas of Kerioth. God bless you.