Contemporary Messages From Spirit

This Love will Carry you to the Fountainhead of Grace

May 3rd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I come to this church without walls, without some great edifice, without all the trappings of spiritual materialism only this very simple and direct prayer for the love of God. You are not drawn here looking for magical signs, spiritual manifestations, but come above all to be at One with God in the simple opening up of your souls through God’s most Holy Spirit.

For it is that active energy of God’s soul that conveys His Love to all who open to receive it, to all who request it in sincere faith and true longing. God never refuses His children. In this place, this sanctuary, this circle of light there is direct communication to the Celestial realms and your prayers create a conduit to Grace of God.

Be not concerned over visions and manifestations, for some will have them and others will not. Though there are many branches on this tree of Divine love, there is but one God, there is but one Love Divine for all. Stretch your limbs to the Celestial heavens and be rooted in prayer. There is a light shining through the darkness in every soul in this place, for you are the lights the world so needs. Be full of joy for the glory of God shines His light and love upon you. Be not concerned or troubled or worried for this Love will carry you to the fountainhead of Grace. You are so very blessed.

This one I speak through, he doesn’t always wish to use words and I see there are many here who feel the same because of the deep desire of your hearts to be in the love. How wonderful that is! So I thank him for taking this message and I join you now in this beautiful circle, in this beautiful prayer.

I am your brother and humble servant in the love of God always, I am Yogananda.