Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Transcending all is the Gift of the Love of God

July 5th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda. I come in the Love of God for the sake of all. Much attention has been given recently in your world to beings from other parts of the galaxy, of the universe, and their relationship to earth and the concerns on earth about the health of the planet, about all the in-harmonies. So, many have sent up a fervent request for help and it has been received, beings from other parts, other planets are aware and yes, they do wish to help although they will never interfere with free will. So there would have to be the right conditions and the acceptance necessary for them to intervene in the ways of love and harmony and help that so many wish for.

My guru, the beloved Sri Yukteswar, was a great astrologer and a possessor of Divine Love while on earth. And like any great spiritual practitioner of Astrology he understood the deeper meanings of the effects of the heavenly bodies upon the earth and its inhabitants. He also expressed that conventional astrology like conventional religion, although helpful in many ways, is not transformational. Let me explain.

Most people, are well aware that the moon affects the tides and women’s monthly cycle and for some, the planting and harvesting of crops. And even on one hand the so called “being over the moon in love”, of the full moon light of the sun radiating back to earth and the sometimes lesser energies of the new moon and the effects, when negative, producing a type of madness which in your language is referred to as lunacy.

Ok, so these things are well known, and everyone can appreciate the sun and its effects on every part of planetary life, the atmosphere of the earth itself, the protective layers, the oxygen and so forth. In ancient cultures many people on the planet paid attention to the lunar cycles and of course the solar effects but also to the energies of the heavenly bodies in the solar system and their effects, the seemingly masculine energy of Mars for instance, or the femininity of Venus and so forth. I won’t go into detail about individual planetary effects at this time, but to come back to my point my focus today. My guru told me that the goal of spiritual life was to transcend the effects of the planets, to be lifted up, not only above the earth and the material world in front of us, but that the soul, being the great gift from God, could communicate directly with its Creator. And therefore, despite the vast expanse of the Universe or shall I say Universes, which are beyond human conception, except to say touching on infinity, the soul could connect with the very Source of all creation. Thus lifting it in Divine Love love above the influence of the planets, above even being at one, in a sense with the Universe and all of Creation. This is because the soul, made in the image of its Creator, contained within it the great possibility of becoming at one in very substance with its Maker by opening to the Love of God, our Creator.

This path of awakening the soul through its longings to be at one with its Maker, this path of Divine love, not only transcends physical creation but transforms the soul. And while one may be in awe of the vastness of the Universe and therefore have an awakening to how wonderful its Creator is, that same soul may appreciate the opening of the flower or a bee making honey, or even the simplicity of breath sustaining the human body.

Yet, the magnificence and magnitude of this great gift of your soul aligned with the great Gift of the Creators essence, His love, this is the gift of gifts, this is the wonder of wonders, this is the blessing God wishes for all of His children, and I wish for all of you. So, pray, open to love, be lifted and awakened that we may all be at one with our Beloved Creator. The Love of God brings at-one-ment for all. Thank you, my brother for taking my message. May God bless you and all. I am your brother in Christ in the love of God and your eternal friend. I am Yogananda.