Contemporary Messages From Spirit

What will your Legacy be?

January 15th, 2021

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Eileen Caddy, Auntie Eileen. Life has its twists and turns, its complications as well as its blessings and it seems so very few seek the buried treasure with their souls. The great treasure of God’s Love. You are indeed treasure hunters my dear ones and what treasure you have found! Beyond gold, beyond money, beyond the material world, are the treasures of spirit. The radiance and joy and effulgence of light in the gift of His Love.

If you know of my life and all of its complications, all of its ups and downs, all of my doubts and fears, you know how very human I was and yet I trusted my soul. I began to trust my guidance rather than the guidance of others, allowing God to work through me and His angels and therefore become a guide to others. You honor me by reading the words that I left from my guidance and by allowing them to become your guide as they were mine. This legacy that I have left is perhaps my greatness accomplishment, the greatest gift of my life on earth. I am enormously honored that it continues.

The reason I tell you these things is because I wish you to consider what you will leave on earth. What will be your legacy? What gift will you leave for the world? I say this not so much as a challenge but as a consideration of your soul. Each one of you knowing deep down, the gift of God’s Love and with it, the spiritual gifts you have received and will continue to receive. This, of course, is open to your choices, your free will. We do not interfere, but as you might imagine from your readings, there is great rejoicing in the Heavens, in the Celestial realms when you walk the path of love, the path of light, in the Grace of God.

May I remind you once again that you are so very loved. May you continue to give a little time each day to your soul. To its journey and to what is truly important to you and what truly touches your heart. Because that will bring you a joy that will lift you up and lift others. What a gift you can give. With all my love and blessings, I am your sister and friend in Christ. I am Auntie Eileen. God bless you!