Contemporary Messages From Spirit

You can Communicate Truth in many Creative Ways

January 22nd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Care. Luke is here, John is here, many, many are here. For we love what you deem to be a small gathering and we know it is quite large. Multitudinous!

When I was on earth, I received much guidance and was considered a medium. For the Angels spoke to me, not so much in formal writings, although at times I wrote messages, no matter what I was doing. Other times I would be guided to talk to someone where the Angels would say, “we have a message for him or her”, and it would just come through me. Because of my faith and because I prayed so intensely I had a certain courage about being able to deliver the messages.

As you have read today about the importance of not withholding truth, I ask you to consider sharing your gifts. There are many ways we communicate with mortals and for some, the written word touches them in a way that opens them up. It touches their heart, illumines their mind and creates in them a desire to have God bless them and open up their souls with His love. For others, it might be a song, for others it might be a film, a movie, for others a poem, for others a story told and so forth and so on. There is no need to put a limitation on how you might receive, how you might co-create something filled with truth, filled with beauty, filled with light that you may bless this world and leave something truly good. Something you can look back on as your work to serve God and to serve humanity so in need. So it need not be formal, in fact the more playful, the more creative, the more joyful the more likely you are to touch the many. This is why people still sing happy songs long after they have come into being, or watch a movie that inspired them, or read a book that changed their lives, or read a poem that brings them to tears every time they revisit it.

The forms of prayer are many. It is only required that you be in condition and this, as you have discussed, is to find a place of solace, solitude and quiet. If you can do this in nature as I did, it can be glorious. But you can always create sanctuary and connect with Heaven and with the Celestial Angels because we are waiting for you as this one here, my beloved, is finding out. Yes your desires are important, but we wait for you to call and we come. I say this to all here and beyond this circle that this message may reach many for the sake of humankind and for the souls of all those on earth. Remember we are all children of God. All are loved, all are worthy. Allow this love and all the gifts to come with it to feed your soul as a gift to all. I love you. May God bless you always. I am Care. God bless you.