Messages 2022

Allow your souls to inform your minds

September 18th, 2022

Nashville, Tenn, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear brothers and sisters present in this circle of light, I come in the love of God, your brother and friend, Yogananda.

For those of you who have discovered the simple secret of allowing your souls to be in ascendancy that God may touch them and fill them with love, I encourage you to remember that simple practice. For even I, while encouraging my students to go within asked them when they would be in their minds, to talk to God, to set their thoughts on the highest, that their souls’ longings would emerge. And so I say to those who find difficulty (in meditation), who struggle with the mind, to take your thoughts and send them to God, lifting your souls to the connection that you wish for in the place of soul to Soul with our loving Creator.

When one wants to build a structure, learn an instrument, or pursue any of the many paths of knowledge, the mind is required and so very useful as an instrument of discrimination. Then after you discover the basics and begin to build, to create, you seek inspiration from the heart, from the soul, that what you create has light and substance. On the path of Divine love when you bring your souls’ longings into your everyday creations, whether it be conversations or your work, you bring drop of that eternal Grace into the realm of human experience and your intention of coming with the light and love in your souls, lifts the vibrations of wherever you are, with whomever you are with, in whatever you are doing.

So I encourage you to start with the very simple longing in your soul, with the simple intention of going to God and allowing the great blessing of His love to come into your souls and lift you up. Allow your souls to inform your minds and be a blessing to this world beyond your doubt, beyond your worries, beyond may I say, trying to figure it out. For when you are being in God’s grace, all things are revealed, all questions are answered, and all things become possible in love.

I shall step back to be with you in this beautiful circle and I thank you for allowing me to come. May God bless each one here with a great in flowing of Divine Love, the greatest gift. I am Yogananda.