Messages 2022

BEING in the state of Grace

February 28th, 2022

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear brothers and sisters let me remind you that your destinies are beyond this world though each of you does have a destiny on this earth while you remain. You may know the words from the gospels that the Master spoke and I shall paraphrase them for you: “What profit a man or a woman to gain or inherit the world and lose touch with their soul”?1 For you cannot truly lose your soul but you can be so enamored by things of this world that it is, as if, your soul is buried. You can see with your souls that those who long for love or shall I say, long to be loved, often do so in misguided ways seeking power, seeking possession. This applies to every soul whether they be a king or a humble working person trying to make ends meet. So, what does it mean to not lose your soul or the awareness of it? If you could stay in Grace, in Prayer, in the current of God’s love flowing through you in every moment, your being transformed , you would be a Celestial angel, a completely transformed soul. And what is the good news about this? That this is the destiny of each one of you who opens up to the inflowing of God’s love allowing it to change you and bring that peace, the Peace that passes understanding.

Knowledge and understanding are the beautiful gifts of an enlightened mind, but an enlightened (awakened) soul is a being that emanates the goodness, the compassion, the love, the faith, and the care, of the Creator. The word to describe this is being; BEING in the state of Grace.

In this circle of blessed souls each one of you is unique with deep longings reaching out to God are being showered in your prayer with Divine Love. As you let the world go and all your troubles, all your concerns, God’s love always lifts you up and your soul becomes in ascendancy not only above your mind, but of this world, so that you may love your enemies, that you may embrace those in darkness with deep empathy from the depths of your soul now illumined in the light and the love of God. This is your glorious destiny and how blessed you are. We thank you for this choice and we thank you for this prayer. I am your bother and friend in Christ, and a soul transformed in Divine Love. I am Judas. May God bless you.

Note 1 Mark 8:36