Messages 2022

Blossom in the Bounty of God’s Love

March 28th, 2022

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear brothers and sisters in the Love of God. I ask you to consider as the master asked his disciples to consider, and as I asked my brothers and sisters to consider, the Lilies of the Field. Without a care, and yet as the master said, Solomon in all his glory did not reflect the beauty of those flowers. And he reminded us all of the birds, who do not work or toil, and yet the Heavenly Father provides for all their needs and what a joy it is to hear their song, to gaze upon them. Of course, the message behind was really to gently admonish all not to worry about your fortune or your fate, about how you will be taken care of, what clothes you will wear, or what food you will eat.

In this time of great change, where your hearts are lifted up in prayer for those in need of food and shelter and for peace, ask God to provide it for them. As God works through his angels, we work through those on earth, through their prayers, through their connection, and always in love. For did not Paul say, faith, hope, and love were wonderful, but that love was the greatest? This is because all those attributes come forth from the heart and soul of those in the Love of God, as you are and so may you be always.

May this world be lifted up in light, may your peace shine forth on this troubled earth. May you know you are not alone, for not only are we all with you, in multitudes you cannot imagine, but the many millions even billions on earth sending up prayers to God for Love, for peace, for a new world.

So, tend your gardens that you may have the bounty of the earth and tend to your souls that you may blossom in the bounty of God’s Love. I shall step back and join you in this circle of light and love, in the glory of God’s Love and in peace. I am your brother and friend in Christ, I am Francis, once of Assisi, now a redeemed soul in the celestial heavens. May God Bless You all and may His peace be upon you.