Messages 2022

Do Not be Distracted by Peripheral Matters

January 10th, 2022

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ, Leslie Stone. I was often with James Padgett when he received what are called Celestial Messages from Jesus and so many others.

We were at the beginning point spiritualists, for we had received guidance at Lily Dale and other places. We had read some spiritual books and James was receiving messages from his beloved Helen. Suffice it to say we tried the spirits because we wished for truth. We wished to make sure the connection we had was real. And you may wonder “How did we know”? Especially James, coming through his hand he often had no idea of what he had received, and he was amazed that it was not necessarily in agreement with what he believed. For belief is one thing, truth and being, another.

James described to me that when he was receiving these messages and most particularly from Jesus, he felt an intense glow around his heart that sometimes was so intense he could barely maintain. I too felt this warmth and as I have described before, perhaps to a lesser degree. But the reality of feeling the love of God assured us that what we were receiving was true, was real.

I too received some messages, but I felt my work was to take these wonderful messages that my brother James Padgett had received and publish them, and so I did. To this day the essence of those messages, which is about being born again by the asking for and reaching out for and receiving the Creators love. This process of soul transformation is alive in the Divine Love community. How grateful we are that you have carried on and continue to get guidance and allow it to change your lives.

If I could make one recommendation it would be to not allow yourself to be distracted by peripheral matters. For on the road to transformation to the Celestial heavens there are many challenges, many potholes. Whereas sometimes it many even seem that the road is washed out. So, one may linger but that longing persists. And once the connection is made with the love of God, it is never lost. And so, your prayers become a bridge when the road is washed out. And though others may take a detour, the destination is the same.

As you receive more and more of this Divine Essence in your souls, it becomes easier to go to that place of prayer, that longing even in the midst of a busy and seemingly chaotic world. So here you are in the Oneness of this circle, all One in the Love of God. We delight in your prayer, in your work.

Be not concerned as to where you are on the journey. Only know that when you ask, you shall receive. And you have asked for the highest. For your souls to be at One with the Great Soul of God. What a blessing!

I thank you for allowing me this time and I assure you that should you stumble we are here to lift you up and we shall. May the Love of God be with you now and always.

I am your brother in Christ and my Mary is here with me as are many of us in this prayer with you. Go with God.

Be at Peace. I am Leslie Stone.

Note from medium Dr Stone told me privately in prayer that he went into the Third sphere after passing. He wanted to let me know that it is the first Divine Love sphere but also a natural love sphere and that there are not two separate 3rd spheres. He progressed to the Fifth shortly after and eventually to the Celestial Kingdom.