Messages 2022

Drown in the Sea of Love

May 10th, 2022

Boscobel, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

Dear brothers and sisters,

Can there be any higher aspiration than to seek the purpose of each life, connecting with the source, opening to Divine Love, and walking in the light of love? So often, those who contemplate spiritual life put only one foot in the water, feeling as though being immersed will the result in drowning and losing their selves. I can say there is some truth to this, but who would not wish to drown in a sea of love? As lovers merge with each other in physical bliss, becoming at one with their energies, magnetized towards each other, how much greater the soul that merges with its Creator Is its bliss. You will never lose your uniqueness or the beauty of your individual soul, but you will be transformed from darkness into light. And that is something to strive for. For whom does not wish to be free from trouble and worry and the burdens of this world?

Those things that you have attached yourself to distract you from pain, the walls you have erected to protect you from hurt, you can let go, and as it is said, “Let God”! For as the light comes into your soul and the love transforms it, there is nothing that can harm you. The Master knew this and therefore he walked the Earth without fear, despite knowing that there were those who plotted against him, who would take his life, who did not understand, and yet all he felt was love and compassion for them. And he showed great mercy because the seeds of Divine Love had sprouted in his soul and his very presence was as a rose in full bloom, the fragrance of which attracted so many.

So, know in your lives, there will be those who are blind and deaf and unwilling but as you have read the story of Nero, you know that even he could be changed by love and the persistence of guidance from one1 who could do nothing but show empathy and love. Let this be yours. You will not regret it. We send you our love and we surround you in the light, the healing light of God’s grace. Allow this blessing to be yours, in this moment. I am your brother and friend, your guide. I am Yogananda. May God bless you.

Note 1 Nero was helped by his soulmate who he had martyred on earth.