Messages 2022

Examine Your Heart

April 7th, 2022

Westminster, California, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear ones, I come on a bed of white roses1 that you may know it is me. The path of the heart opened in God’s Love is the way of the transformed soul. For the mind can inform what is necessary in prayer, in service, but only the soul and an opened heart can change you. I ask you each day to examine your heart, your spiritual heart, as it is the doorway to your soul. The place where God’s Holy Spirit brings his essence, His great and glorious Love into your souls. Examine your heart that you may know Love. For prayer is opening the heart to the Love of God. True prayer is to be awakened to the realities of the Love of God; The vastness of His universe, the magnificence of all His creations, but none more so than your soul having the great possibility of becoming at one with our glorious Father.

Please know that I am with you, I embrace you, I will not let you down. All the celestial angels in God’s Kingdom are at your beck and call. We ask that you keep the doorway of your heart open in prayer for the great blessing, the great bestowal of Divine Love.

May the Blessings of God and the magnificence of His Grace be yours. May you all be one with us as we are one in Him – Almighty God. I am your brother and eternal friend, I am Jesus. Thank you, my brother, and God bless you.

Note 1 In reference to: Chapter 15, Part 2 from “Life in the World Unseen” by Anthony Borgia which the group was reading.