Messages 2022

Humanity Continues to Resist the Love and Healing Energies of God

June 11th, 2022

Gibsons, B.C., Canada

Received by Al Fike

The pressure builds, my friends. I am Orion. God beseeches His children to change, to respond to His blessings and the energies that are laid upon this Earth of yours. Yet, there is great resistance. There is great ignorance and misunderstanding because the foundations of human life are not of love and harmony but are things of the human creation. So, humanity holds steadfastly upon these things. Humanity continues to insist upon the expression of its will and desire and that of the mind, for domination and the desires of the flesh, the fears of not having enough, of being deprived of a life.

These things are so untrue for humanity does not truly see what is important and what is valuable in life. Instead, there is a compulsion, a desire for material gratification, for power and control, for all those things that are so very human which continue to motivate and bring within the minds of men those things that ache to be fulfilled. Yet, beneath this, as with all children of God, souls of God’s creation, there is a different ache, a different longing, a longing to be with God.

So we come together today with the desire to be with God, to acknowledge this deeper sense and desire of the soul. This is the key to unraveling all of the complexities, the difficulties, the dilemmas of human life. If love were applied to all things, then such things as deep pain and deprivation would be eliminated. It is for you to bring this truth forward, my friends, to truly be that example for your brothers and sisters, for without those who are walking the path of love, expressing it in every corner of their lives, how can you teach, how can you share this truth? For you must do so by example, with every action and thought it must be a part of you.

Although you are not perfect and you have and carry those hurts and pains of a world, you struggle to continue to be uplifted and beyond the earthly condition. So, we are here today. So, you come to God daily. So, you will bring the antidote to pain, to suffering, to error and disharmony. That antidote is love. Carry it with you in your consciousness. Carry it forward in your actions. Carry it as a light in the world and those around you will respond, be uplifted, and feel less pain and more joy.

Thank you for your efforts, beloved souls. Thank you for being who you are, souls of light, souls who long for and pray for the great gift of the Love of God. You are blessed, my friends, you are blessed. God bless you. I am Orion and continue to be with you in these times of prayer, longing to reach that place of purity and light, the expression of your gifts, of bringing to humanity that which would inspire and open them to different paradigms of truth and thought and deed. God bless you and keep you in the light. My love is with you all. God bless you.