Messages 2022

Let Your Vision become an Actuality

May 8th, 2022

Boscobel, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I Care. I am so happy to see my dear friend, my dear grandson, my dear sister, and my beloved. It brings me great joy and opens my heart to you. You needn’t be worried about fulfilling what you believe to be a promise. For though it is a promise from the angels, allow it to be in God’s time.

I tell you this: the power of your thoughts, the power of your prayers, the power of God’s love on your souls will bring about everything you wish in harmony with the love of God and His laws. There is a great need for sanctuary upon the earth. There is a great need for sustainability. There is a great need for community and diversity. One must be open to all these possibilities and as my beloved Reverend knows, in all those marriages with all those couples that he officiated in holy matrimony. It did not matter what they believed or didn’t believe. What mattered was asking God to bless them. It was a rare occurrence indeed where that was not wished for or truly wanted. For does not everyone in the world wish to be blessed in love, in joy, in freedom, in health, and in happiness.

Set your template out to the world in words and pictures, in drawings too. Whatever your vision may be, let it become an actuality and thus become a blessing upon the earth. Remember we are with you and I watch over you each and guide you with all the love in my heart, with all the love in my soul, now and always. I am your Care. God bless you.