Messages 2022

Prayer, Meditation, and Healing in human and Divine Love

December 5th, 2022

Nashville, Tenn, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I come your brother in the love of God, Yogananda. I wish to speak about the connection not only between meditation and prayer but those aspects of both which are in the human love and what can be in the Divine love.

Do you know that the Buddhists, who are not Deists, pray? And so, one might ask: “Who are they praying to”? Well, the Buddhist prayer involves sending out love and thoughts of healing and light to those in need. So, one could say it is an astral form of bringing physical help to another. The power of thought in conjunction with true emanations from the heart is a very healing thing. In fact, all healing could be considered to be in the realm of the natural, for in reality it is simply a matter of light vibrations re-harmonizing an out of harmony being. This is why meditation is important. When one can relax the body, let the mind take a rest, breathe, gaze upward if you may, and allow the energy to permeate you, at this point you become calm and going deeper you become clear, allow your heart to speak, allow your soul to open to the love of God. This love Divine embraces the human love and supersedes it. Because the human love, as beautiful and blessed as it is, cannot transform a soul.

What I wish to express here is that while you live on earth, nurture your human love that you may be a healer and a blessing and a comfort, but above all, nurture your soul. If you allow your soul to open in longing, The Creator responds. God is ever-waiting, ever-present, ever loving. And to those who ask the blessing of His love, it is given.

So, my dear friends be calm and allow your faith to overcome your fears. Allow yourself to trust in the great love of God. I thank my brother for taking my message tonight and I shall step back to be in prayer with you in this beautiful, loving, circle of light. May God shower His grace upon all. I am your brother and eternal friend in the Celestial kingdom and a disciple of the Master. I am Yogananda. Go in peace.