Messages 2022

Spiritual Astronauts

January 11th, 2022

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Judas your faithful brother and servant. I can tell you that Monsignor Benson, as he was called, is quite pleased that you are reading his account of his life in spirit, and he will come and speak to you. But he first wishes you to become more acquainted with his journey.

I would like you to consider something. On your journeys you are aware of people that are considered explorers. And the extreme of that in this day and age, are, let’s say, astronauts. Those who wish to go into outer space to visit other planets and who are willing to risk what can be a very dangerous journey. And although there is a mixture of excitement and the fear for self-preservation which every human has to some extent, their excitement to explore what for them are new realms, gives them the courage to step forward, to focus, to take in a sense, a leap of faith. You my dear ones are spiritual astronauts whose destination is beyond this world, beyond the planets and the galaxies to as you are discovering, realms of light and being beyond earthly description in so many ways.

It is our great desire that you pray and receive an abundance of God’s Love to the extent that your destination will outshine any reluctance, hesitation, or fear that you might have, about making this transition while on earth and beyond your physical life there to the land of spirit.

As you continue to explore, we shall continue to guide you, to influence you and hopefully to inspire you. Know that this blessing is yours and you have in a sense, earned it. I can only encourage you to persist and to pray with all your heart, with all your soul for the great Essence of the Creator, the Love of God. May it be yours.

My dear friends go in peace and relax into the flow of Grace beyond this world that you may be ever blessed, every healed.

With all my love and the blessings of all here. I bid you peace. I am Judas. God bless you.