Messages 2022

The Seventh Sphere is the Gateway to the Celestial Heavens

February 3rd, 2022

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Robert Hugh Benson.

I’m following along with your readings and my heart is full as I see how each new expose of truth over error brings you all great satisfaction. You may, as you have, continue to notice parallels between what I am revealing to what was revealed to James Padgett, Rev. Owen, Robert Lees, Eileen, Yogananda, and so many others. None of us being perfect while on earth and I perhaps being one of the most flawed, in the area of spiritual dogmatism, or shall I say religious dogmatism and belief. Nevertheless I continue in my quest to enlighten those who come over in the condition of fear and error caused by their beliefs, not only from my writings but by the orthodox churches and the major religions.

I live now in the seventh sphere and from where I started, it is beyond the imaginings of the earth mind. I have traversed the many spheres and I can tell you that in the seventh there is so much of God’s love that is only the result of a deeper wanting for nothing less than Divine Love to be part of one’s soul, part of one’s environment and makeup. So, as I have said as well as others, the seventh sphere is the gateway on the precipice of the complete rebirth of the soul.

Meanwhile, as you read what I communicated through Anthony1, I wish you to remember ever more light, ever more love, ever more faith, and ever more letting go will bring the transformation of your souls.

I thank you with all my heart as do many here for your studies, for your curiosity, for your kindness, and above all for your prayers for the love of God, for there is nothing greater.

I shall come again, and I thank you beautiful souls on the path as I am, to the Celestial heavens. May God bless us. Go in Peace.

Note 1 Anthony Borgia