Messages 2023


January 23rd, 2023

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in the love of God, Yogananda. I wish to speak of healing for there is such a great need. And those who are crossing over into spirit are indeed taken to a place surrounded by healing spirits who infuse them with love and with light. The spectrum of light in spirit far exceeds what mortals can perceive and all healing comes in light. On earth there are also those who heal using colors. The available colors of the earth spectrum and sometimes rays that cannot be seen but are effective. So, you see there is a parallel and though one in a mortal frame is living in a much denser environment, when one opens to the light which is the finest vibration a healing can occur. I wish you to also consider the healing power of nature and also the colors associated. A blue sky not only calms the mind but lifts it to the heavens. The greens in nature bring a healing to the heart. The colors around the red spectrum and orange help bring energies to those who are dissipated. Yellow can bring clarity of the mind but a color you might call lavender brings it within the spectrum of the soul. All these colors are in nature. When you take a dip into the ocean or walk barefoot upon the earth you are immersing and absorbing from that which contains every mineral. When you drink pure water, it can be the finest medicine. Now I know many on earth and some here in this circle are very aware of the power of plants and being in nature, but I wish this message to reach a wider audience and I wish you to consider bringing others with you into your knowledge, into your walk. To those places that are still pristine.

In this time of great change, the living being of the earth our blessed mother is bringing about what is necessary in order to facilitate a purer more sustainable environment as God intended. In this circle of light where every soul is longing to receive the gift of God’s love you are in essence transcending nature but as I have said many times, embracing it. When you are in the love of God, in that place of peace, when you touch another, you bring the highest light that contains all the colors of the spectrum because it is a Celestial light. This light not only heals the body but also the soul. Consider this; that you may bring your gifts as you walk into the future. We walk with you and together we shall bring about a new world, a new age. And though in earth years it may seem to take some time it is only a moment. Let us be in this moment in the love of God and allow His blessing in this place as we send out the light and love to the world. I thank you.

May the love of God be with each of you, transforming you and bringing you that great peace and healing that you so need. I am your brother and eternal friend in the love of God, in Christ. I am Yogananda. Go in peace.