Messages 2023

How do you Feel?

June 25th, 2023

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, your brother in Christ. I come in the Love of God. I am Yogananda.

This beautiful Circle of Light is ever-expanding, ever-growing, not only on the Earth plane, but through the spheres, as you attract many with your deep and sincere prayers for the Love of God. This prayer circle is a result of many years of hard work, of sacrifice, and of service, engendering this coming together in prayer from the longings of your souls to receive the great Gift of Divine Love.

Many struggle with all the human concerns including all the doubts and skepticism that one might have on earth. Even more so, those who have a very active mind come seeking answers, seeking intellectual analysis. All which is fine and good and yet it comes down to the simple question: “How do you feel, how are you today?” One is not inquiring of your mental state as a general rule, although if one is very disturbed in the mind, it is a valid question to inquire. This simple question of how one feels should tell you something. It is your feelings, it is your hearts, that lead you in the longings of your souls to the fountainhead of God’s Love, above and beyond the mind with the soul in ascendancy and the result, the glorious result, is feeling the Love of God in your soul with a glow in your heart and perhaps your entire being, feeling as if in a beam of light, in a beam of love, when you find this place, when you trust, when you have faith in the safety of this circle, letting go of everything that separates you from your Creator, the doorway opens and the most Holy Spirit of God brings His Love into your souls.

So we ask that if you must be in your mind, please send your thoughts to God. Talk to God. Express your desire for your soul to be in At-One-Ment with God’s great Soul. This lifts you up. This allows the heart to open and God to touch your soul. This is the result of true prayer. Those of you who struggle still, we encourage you not to give up, but allow your feelings and allow the longings in your souls to take precedence in your prayers, in your day, and on your path to stay in your feelings. Are these not the results you wish to see, that you may answer: “I feel love. I feel forgiveness, I feel compassion, I feel joy?”

This Love of God brings with it a great desire to serve, and there are so many ways every day, every night to serve. Even if you are alone, you can send out love as when you are in public, in society, and out in the world. The Buddhists would say: “be mindful.” On the Divine Love path this means put God in your mind and be full of heart, full of soul, that you may be a blessing to all.

May the Love of God descend upon you at this moment, in this place of safety. Let us be still and receive. I thank you for this time. May God bless you and keep you in His Love. My brothers and sisters, I am your friend in eternity, and I love you. I am Yogananda.