Messages 2023

Family, Government, Economy and Life on Orion’s Planet

December 7th, 2023

Sechelt, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

It is Orion. Shall we continue with our dissertations? Today I wish to speak about the social and political conditions of my planet as contrasting with yours. As I have indicated, we live in a harmonious environment, one which considers all and does not leave any individual out. There are none who are deprived, who are ill, who lack sustenance and shelter, the basics of any individual in need of a good life. For our thinking reflects the needs of the collective, rather than individual progress. We have very few institutions, for we have no need of them. Schooling is done at home. Shared responsibilities between family members ensures that there is adequate teaching and demonstrating of knowledge. Much experience is gained within the family unit as well as interacting with other individuals and families, speaking to elders, demonstrating various abilities and gifts that are taught to our children through the group collective.

Our children stay with their parents for a much longer period of time than yours. Since our lifespan is in the hundreds of years, the family unit continues to stay together for almost one hundred years. This is the normal span. So the progression of life is slower in some ways than yours. We are not in a great hurry to become adults, so to speak. Yet the maturation of a child is similar to yours, up to twenty years to be full grown and capable. Of course, there are always the exceptions and a child may leave at any time from the family unit. Indeed the desire to form couples, mating together and creating a family of their own is as strong in our society as yours. However, the need to make such a permanent bond with another is not as great. Liaisons and relationships flow naturally between the sexes even when they are at home living their life with their families. There are no hard and fast rules in our society. Rather where love springs forth, so it is acceptable. Relationships between those of the same sex are quite acceptable and fluid. There is no judgement and expectations of the individual to contribute to society are fluid as well.

Our economies are so very different from yours. Although there is very little government, there are collectives centred around communities that ensure that individual needs are taken care of. When I say that they are cared for, I do not mean that there are those in great need and have physical impediments or mental impediments. For this does not exist. Rather, interaction between communities and members of communities is common and frequent. For within these communities or collectives, there exists a strong sense of family where everything is shared amongst many individuals.

It is quite common for individuals from other collectives to join with each other and exchange relationships and make families with inter-marriage although marriage is not the word that I would use for these relationships. It is more an agreement between individuals to be in relationship that is not considered permanent but may last for many hundreds of years.

Commonly relationships change. For the curiosity of one individual toward another motivates different relationships and commitments. Of course, when a family is created and children are born, there is an understanding that the family will stick together and continue to nurture one another for a considerable period of time.

Like all things, there is a beginning and an ending, the formulation and dissolution of families. This is not a hardship. Nor is anyone alone, nor are they lonely. Yet each individual chooses the trajectory of their life at a certain period and may choose to live alone for some time and engage in a relationship at another time. There is no judgement or expectation here whatsoever. A great and deep respect flows between every individual toward another whether they are part of the particular collective in which they live or live many hundreds of miles away in some other collective.

There are governing bodies designed to serve and have no self interest in this service, rather, a desire to support and bring harmony amongst all groups on our planet. There are no individual countries, per se. Although, like your own world, there are differences in appearance and some cultural variations, though they are not as great as you have. Since inter-marrying and the way in which our society functions on our planet, there have been many instances of inter-marriage and homogenisation of races. But this has happened aeons ago. Therefore the distinctions indicate some variations of skin colour depending upon their location on the planet. It is like your own where there are northern habitations and southern habitations, tropical climates and colder climates. Therefore some differences have evolved because of this.

Every individual can move freely upon our planet. There are no restrictions in this regard. Our populations are not as great as yours. For your world is greatly burdened by population, where ours is not. There is what you might call a common sense approach to forming families and contributing to the overall population of our planet. Each one has a sense of when they may procreate. Most commonly that family is small, consisting of two children and two parents. Families may live with other families collectively in one habitation. Often there is an extended family of grandparents, great grandparents, parents, children and so on. For as I have said, individuals live for an extended period of time. So the possibility of blending together many members of a family is great. Consequently their homes, places of habitation, may be quite large with many rooms and many places to repose and to socialise, etc.

We create such habitations by utilising our ability to reform materials of our planet at will into beautiful spaces in which to live. There is no need for factories such as what you have in your world. Instead objects are created mentally and with the application and the ability to reform natural materials into what is required. We do not kill animals so that we may eat. Primarily we eat vegetables and fruit, pure water and we create various flavoured beverages that are natural as well. Animals are our friends. There are not as many animals upon our planet in terms of variation as yours but there is no predation on our planet either. Again, harmony prevails in this situation.

Animals live together in harmony and live with us in harmony. Yes, we have pets, those animals that prefer to be with us and we communicate psychically together. Indeed we have conversations and we have interactions with those creatures that are well suited for what you would call domestication. Our entertainment is varied indeed. We have festivals and we encourage creativity in the arts. We have music. We have plays that are elaborate pageantry, even a sort of video, but it is different from yours in as much as one individual projects upon a screen a story in great detail. These individuals are highly talented and imaginative, and there is often a component of learning that is incorporated into these stories. Children are very drawn to these forms of entertainment and learning.They also play together as they do on your planet.

Our forms of transportation are by thought. We are able to materialize and dematerialize ourselves and other objects At times we have vehicles that run by thought that transport various items. We also trade with other planets various resources, minerals, even food commodities that are highly prized. Each planet has an excess of something that they are willing to share with others and so the sharing happens amongst many planets who are highly evolved and sophisticated like our own.

We do not have a currency like you do in order to pay for goods. Rather we share what we have with others and others share what they have with us. There’s no sense of obligation or debt toward others or even other planets. Rather our sense and desire to share is a reflection of our love for one another and for those who inhabit far off planets. Harmony ensues because there are no great needs because our needs are met. So these needs are filled harmoniously, generously and often. Thus the stress and competitive culture that is so much a part of your world is eliminated because we all have enough and how we obtain things is centered on the love principle and our innate generosity towards each other.

At some point you will come to understand how this may be accomplished. We are all too willing to help you come to this once your frame of mind and ability to accept a new way of being upon your planet is realized. At this juncture, you are not capable of stepping forward in this way, releasing the burdens and the disharmony that you possess and express to one another. Know this, the time of great change for you is coming and it will be swift in comparison with other evolutionary processes that you have been through as a society and as humanity.

But first you must come, shall I say, to a breaking point where your systems and your way of life no longer function adequately. In this way you will all have great fear and great need. Our hope is that humanity will be receptive to our interventions which, in many ways, are a reflection of Divine intervention. You cannot go on living the way you do, feeding off one another, such great burdens you carry, such great unhappiness within so many, because their needs are not met, because they do not understand the power of love to create harmony together upon your planet. This is the one great lesson that must be learned. Love must replace fear. Love must be in everything that you are and everything that you do.

Yes you are a long way from this state of love. Yet many of you feel love towards your families, your mates, your children, etc. This love is rather meagre compared to the love that I am referring to, the love that emanates from the soul, the very essence of who you are. The capacity for the soul to love is great. Everything that we do upon our planet reflects love and is love. In love there is a great respect for all life. Even for the Creator of all. We honour these things above all else. The way our societies are organised and communicate together and share with one another is all a reflection of love, love that is deep and abiding within us. Love that grows because we seek the nurturance of our souls by receiving what your dear friend here calls Divine love, this essence of the universe that is all around and all through the universe and can be obtained by desire, asking for it in simple prayer.

We have great centres in each community where we come together to pray and commune with the great Creator of all. I would not call this a religion as you see religions, but rather a function of our societies’ joyful gathering to be with God. In this way, each is nurtured. Each receives more of this great universal love through our communal prayers as well as individual efforts in prayer. Each expands in light and love and in abilities and gifts so that as they grow, they have a greater capacity to contribute to society with their gifts, talents and abilities, enhancing our life together, sharing together things that are of the soul, a reflection of soul, a reflection of all the gifts and capacities of the soul.

You my friend, see your mind and material brain as the great gift, as the solution to all your problems where you merely need to apply these capacities of the mind toward problems and situations, appling solutions that come of the mind. Indeed you have created interesting and complex inventions as a result. Yet I say to you that the greatest capacities for creativity and understanding, for invention, for application of inventions and creativity in a way that is harmonious with everything upon your planet, does not come from the mind. It comes from the mind of the soul, the soul that is well-developed in love. This is what we wish to teach you, my friends.

We are not the only ones who are poised to help humanity. You have upon your planet in higher spheres of existence, where individuals who have lived a life on the earthly plane and have progressed through various spheres of consciousness toward very high and beautiful spheres, which you may call heaven, exist. We work with these individuals as well. Many of them are intent on helping humanity to come to that place of harmony, eventually coming to that place reflecting all the beauty and conditions that I have shared with you about our planet and our way of life.

These things are quite possible upon your planet. It is not too late to save your planet from annihilation, but the systems, flow and rhythms of your planet in its natural form are being burdened by your activities upon it, your lack of respect and love for it, taking so much from it and not returning anything that will support and maintain an equilibrium upon your planet. There is great concern amongst us regarding the condition that your planet continues to exhibit, one that is coming to a crisis point, one that will be quite destructive toward all that humanity has built. Your Earth has its own consciousness and each planet has its own consciousness. As a result, your Earth is fighting you, it is in conflict with you as you are in conflict with it.

Thus there are changes within your climate and material conditions which are causing great havoc amongst humanity. Unfortunately this will only worsen because the planet is determined and has the capacity and power to change the conditions to such a degree that humanity will not be capable of living in the way that it does. Your systems will fail. Your way of living will become obsolete and, in many ways, it will be a reset of how humanity will survive upon your world.

This reset is coming soon, my friends and thus, we are making great effort to communicate with you and to establish our presence with those of you who are sensitive enough and receptive enough to come to know us. We do so out of love and concern. Out of a desire to help you gain your equilibrium, for the Earth to regain its balance and be healthy and vital once again so that all that is upon your Earth will live in harmony. That as the Earth changes and reflects greater light, greater harmony so humanity mightl flourish and know a good life. Not one of deprivation and fear, anger and lack of love but one of love, grace, beauty and harmony. This is our goal. This is the goal of many others who continue to gather around you on this world of yours to help nurture something that is more in harmony with the Laws of Creation, the laws which we all must live by, the laws that ensure balance and harmony in the universe.

I will continue to share more details about myself and my planet and our endeavours together. We will carry on with these communications in hope that you will share them with others. Yes we are sounding the alarm and yet we are bringing hope. For the great Creator, with all the compassion that is part of our Creator, ensures that those who suffer will find a way out of their suffering. Those who are in disarray and disharmony will find a way toward harmony and peace. Those who lack love or feel unloved will find a way toward love. These simple truths are vital for the functioning of the universe. We will continue to teach these things to you, my friend, and that you will find yourself in the fortuitous situation to teach others.

I will leave you now, my friends, and come again soon. I love you both and care for you deeply. I will continue to uphold you. May light shine upon you, my friends. May you come to know your own soul and its abilities and capacities to love, to express many things. May the blessings of the Creator be yours and the love of the Creator flow upon you and into you until you are transformed and awakened and in the light. Thank you. Thank you, all.