Messages 2023

The Soul in God’s love

September 4th, 2023

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, Yogananda, your brother in the love of God, in Christ.

Do you know that the soul is a magnet and also a magnifier? It absorbs and it emits. It is often influenced by the mind, often hampered by worry and doubt. Worry is, one can say, a form of doubt. It is a concern that affects the emotions and the physical well-being in fear. It is one thing to consider a situation, even a grave situation and ask for guidance and respond in grace. It is another to be overwhelmed with fear and concern and attempt to solve any dilemma with the intellect. One may give a result that is satisfactory enough, or not. The other, prompted by the soul and the opening to guidance, will always bring a blessing. Yes, even in the case of one’s passing over, the soul, in its knowing of eternity, does not fear the change.

We have spoken many times of being in God’s love, in God’s grace ever more frequently until the condition of grace, the at-one-ment with the Creator becomes one’s state of being, freeing one from the weight of worry. Freeing one from having to solve situations with the intellect but clearly seeing with guidance of the soul informing the mind rather than the inverse. When one prays with the deep longings of the soul to be at one with God in love, the soul becomes magnetized with light, lifted in love. When one emits this condition of grace, one is, as in this circle, in mortal bliss, in celestial harmony, in at-one-ment, not only with each other in this communion so Holy, but at-one-ment with God. There is no greater aspiration, no other greater truth I can tell you than to live in your longing and allow your soul to be guided, each day. This is the destiny of all who follow the path of Divine Love. It is joy beyond measure. It is a joy one wishes to share with all.

Whenever you feel falling out of grace, talk to God. “Dear God, I feel a distance. I feel troubled. I feel anxiety. I feel disconnected. Please touch my soul with your great soul. Bring me near, ever closer, that I may be changed, lifted.” It is this simple prayer that makes the difference in this life and beyond. So, take heart my dear friends. Be not troubled. Give it all to God and God will give you so much more in return.

I thank you. I love you. I am your brother and friend for all eternity in the love of God. I am Yogananda. Go in grace.