Messages 2023

Walk in Grace

May 29th, 2023

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear ones, I come in the love of God, in the Christ consciousness, your brother and eternal friend, Yogananda. May the peace of God’s love be upon all here in this beautiful circle.

I wish to speak on the subject of fear, but I certainly don’t wish to scare anyone for there is enough fear in the world already. I wrote a good deal about this while on earth but often through a very Eastern mindset and my own understanding of things that I referred to as the subconscious, the superconscious, the unconscious, and so forth. I asked my students to be strong in their mind and use the power of their minds but as I progressed in my own journey, I began to see the parallels, or let me say the two sides of the coin of fear and anger.

There are many aspects of fear, the loss of control is a great one that often leads to an angry response, as well as the loss of resources, or even the loss of a loved one where one might question: “How did this happen to me?” Or “Why me?” “Why do I have these afflictions?” On a very primal level, fear of course is a self-defense emotional reaction to threat to life that can mean many things across a broad spectrum of events. When one begins to examine fear, to examine anger and to wish sincerely to rise above those reactions, often people go to yogic positions or prana breathing and calming the breath, breathing in slow, holding it, and slowly releasing it, which is especially helpful if one is conscious and in a traumatic situation. It is a good physical thing, and it is grounding.

But when fear persists on a spiritual level or may I say life level, human level, it can catatonize (A state of catatonia) one, and/or cause one to go into hiding, seeking relief from the pressures of the world, from the judgement of others, or perhaps it creates a simple reaction, like being in denial. The true remedy to all this fear and anger is to walk in grace, to breath in love, to exhale blessings.

Imagine if just for one day, or in some cases, one hour of one day while you were engaged in the world, you’re in conversation with God, asking God to bless every soul, every step, the atmosphere, to protect you, to bless all, to heal everyone. To breathe in God’s love and exhale the blessing. This is within the realm of possibilities for every soul and if I may say, certainly those in this circle and in the larger community of Divine Love. It is one thing to speak truth and it is important, to cut through the darkness, to dispel the errors that are afoot in the world, but it is quite another to walk in love, to be in the magnetism of the great gift of the Creator, to be a healing force in body, mind and soul.

One never knows what God has in store for those who love Him, who walk in His love, who bring that love to the world. But I can say, most assuredly, it brings miracles, it brings change, it brings light, and it brings joy. The same joy you feel when you are lifted above this world is the joy you bring to others when you walk in the world but have one step, one foot, in the Celestial Kingdom. Oh, my dear brothers and sisters, we are with you on this journey. So many, you can only imagine. We are here whenever you call, so please call.

May God bless you with a great inflowing, a great infilling of His divine essence, his love divine. With all my love and blessings, I step back and join you in the stillness of the presence in the love of God. Thank you. I am your brother in Christ, Yogananda. Go in peace.