Messages 2018

Soul Expiation Through Pursuit of Truth and Release of Error

July 14th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


I was very pleased to be able to speak to you through the instrument who sits in this circle, the dear soul who has a deep desire to serve God and utilize her gifts for the benefit of others.1

This is not an easy path, beloved souls, to serve and reflect the highest in one’s ability to bring the truth to mankind. So many barriers are in the way for all those who seek light because the conditions of this world are steeped in ignorance and darkness and to find your way through this dark forest of the material world needs a strength and tenacity that few have in this world. Yet it is those who are sensitive and have acute feelings and intuitions, understandings of the soul, who take on this invitation from God to be a channel for the truth in whatever way is possible. Expressing their gifts in beauty and light, clarity and truth, all enlightened with love. This is not easy. It requires as you well know my beloveds, a deep commitment, a daily practice and great integrity. For one cannot hide from that darkness that resides within each one of you, that hides in those deep crevices of the soul and needs to be washed away with the Father’s Love.

I know there are times my beloveds that you feel joy and release, upliftment, and you reap the rewards of your efforts spiritually to be closer to God, to have a soul that is in light. These times of great joy, a sense of harmony and peace within you and all about you are gifts from God, rewards indeed for your efforts in prayer and your desires to release those conditions that are not of light and love.

Then there are times when these conditions that are not in harmony come to the forefront of your consciousness and as you continue to grow in sensitivity and understanding these conditions loom large within your awareness and they seem impenetrable and intractable, but they are not. With prayer and faith these things are released to God and the only thing that stands in the way of this healing, this journey towards harmony, are your insistence upon holding on to error and darkness.

This is because you are all mortals living in this human existence of yours so steeped in these conditions that are not in harmony with God and so you struggle and try to reconcile these broken parts of yourself with God’s Love and this you must do. This you know you must struggle towards - the renewal of your soul in love - and this is a slow process, incremental in nature. It does not come all at once but in bits and pieces which you are able to deal with in a conscious way and to make that choice to release and find your freedom from what is often an error long held and nurtured by the mind. This is not easy, but each success, each time you overcome a barrier and release a condition within you that is not in harmony with love, you come closer to God. You come closer to that deep desire to serve God in clarity as a clear and powerful channel of His Love in the world. It is like a birth within you, this release, and we are with you in this process of release and healing. Like midwives, we help you along, encourage and bring our love and strength to reinforce this painful journey of healing.

So there are times when you feel deep peace and other times where you feel distressed, knowing that something within is ready to come forth and be released. You cannot predict this, beloved souls. At one moment you may feel great joy and another, a searing insight, a painful recognition of something within you that is not in harmony with God. This is the journey of soul awakening beloveds, letting go of all that is not in harmony and of being uplifted by the blessing of Holy Love from God.

When you look back upon your lives beloveds, you will feel as much gratitude for these difficult times as you will for those times of joy. For it is in these difficult times the greatest progress is made, the most Love is infilled into your soul, enlivening and enlightening the dark crevices within. This is the fulfillment of God’s promise to you and your soul’s desire towards God. The awakening of your soul, piece by piece, and the healing of all those conditions that are not of Love.

You walk this Divine Path beloved souls and you must come to expect those times of expiation and healing. For you must walk towards light and harmony, peace and truth, all the while releasing the error and the dark conditions of your soul, finding that ultimate freedom of becoming a soul reborn in Love. This new birth of the soul is the ultimate gift from God, the highest possible gift that you may receive and in this new birth comes pain, sometimes heartache and deep remorse. As you move along in this process of awakening these things are replaced by joy and love, by upliftment and peace, a peace that passes all understanding, a joy that is not reliant upon some condition from outside you but a condition within that is steady and sure and continues to grow. You build the light within through your efforts both in prayer and releasing the darkness, in pursuing truth and releasing the error, in giving yourself to God and releasing the human condition that dictates that you must be all-powerful and self-reliant. Instead, with humility, you come to God and open yourselves with that sweet longing and desire to be held, to be loved, to be made whole in the Divine Essence.

Your struggles, my beloveds, are not unusual, they are not severe nor are they impossible. They are merely those things that most mortals must confront in their lives to be free of the dark chains of the human condition. As you go through this process of expiation and awakening you are able to help others, to have deep compassion for those who struggle in the darkness for you recognize your own struggles and what it takes to walk in light. Those efforts that you have made to grow in light, the struggles that you have had, the tests that have been difficult. Yet these things have carried you forward, strengthened you, built wisdom within you and this deep compassion for yourself and for others.

May you truly walk in light beloved souls. That all things that are not of light within you, and primarily they are grey, not dark, at this juncture of your soul awakening, may they fall away readily with ease, that you may know this permanent joy of the soul, this awakening of all the wondrous gifts and capacities of your soul. To live your life in harmony with the laws of God’s Creation and Love and most importantly, to be a clear and beautiful channel of God’s Love in the world. In this, all that you dream of in service, all that you are in soul awareness, all that can be of the harmonization of your entire being, can be fulfilled, that you may walk truly in light and give truly in love.

Beloved souls, know that you are loved beyond measure and that someday you will come to know with ecstatic joy the power of this Love from God that is not obscured or obstructed but pure and intense in Light and expression towards you.

God bless you beloveds. I am Seretta Kem and I love you dearly, each one. And yes, my daughter we do draw you in when we pray for the gift of direct voice and we utilize your gifts for the benefit of those in the circle. You are well aware, I know. Continue in your prayers and your efforts to synchronize your prayers with those brothers and sisters so that you may all work together towards these ends of success of this gift, so unique and beautiful. All those who are willing to support these efforts will have their opportunities to be a part of this great plan. God bless you all and my love is with you. God bless you and keep you in His Light. God bless you.

Note 1 This message was received through Maureen Cardoso.