Messages 2019

Encouraging Holy Communion with Others

June 23rd, 2019

Island of Guernsey, UK

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I wish to thank my brother Francis for conveying my thoughts to you yesterday, to those who were here. We wish to say a few things about travelling to my dear ones who have come this way, these many miles, and who sometimes wonder if the journey would be worth it. They see that for us to be with you is quite simple. We don’t need these vehicles to get from one place to another. So we are very grateful that you are willing to make this journey and we are most happy to be in prayer with you for God’s Love and for healings.

I wish to convey to my dear brother of the waves that he should consider making a journey, whenever there are those who are praying for God’s Love in a given place, because to be in prayer with others physically, as you know, there is a difference. It is easier for those of us who come to be with you and pray with you, to gather, wherever it may be.

Of course, on the Earth plane, there are always considerations of expenditures, distance, time, work, all these things. We understand this and we do not want you to think that we don’t. But we do wish you to consider your soul and to be in Holy Communion* with those in any given place where you may find yourself being able to go. We would encourage that, for the sake of your soul and for the sake of this Divine Love community around the world. It is good to recharge with others. As I said through Francis, the spiritual magnetism in your souls draws others which increases the magnet, but also the Portal of Light that you all so wish, and that we wish , to establish in many places.

You have been called. We are so grateful that you have answered this call. I would tell you all, as I did in my life, follow the longings of your soul and you cannot fail. Every good and perfect gift, every blessing will be yours. You will always have our help and guidance, wherever you may be.

This is an important time on the Earth, to establish sanctuary in these places of Light. Again, let me say we are very grateful for your commitment to this path, for your willingness, and above all, that you are open to receiving God’s Love and to be with us and receive our messages. We shall continue to guide you and be with you at a moment’s notice. Always remember, when you call, we will come.

I wish to say now that I extend my love and blessings to all here and to those who will hear this message. I am your brother and friend, Yogananda. God bless you and fill your souls with His Love Divine. God bless you.

Note. Although not explained in this message, in a message the very next day St. Francis of Assisi explained that the references of this term are all to the true meaning of “Holy Communion”, namely the holy connection between humans and God while in deep prayer for Divine Love and it is not a reference to the more common usage of these words, being a part of a standard Christian mass where wine and wafers are shared.