Messages 2020

Be Open to Healing

July 28th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am your brother and friend Yogananda.

I was present yesterday when brother Judas conveyed his message of the healing power of light and love. We had discussed this as we often do as to who would deliver the message. We agree it should be Judas. I tell you he is a wonderful, bright, sunny, humorous angel. Much maligned in the world at times but if the world could see him as he is, they would realize God works with all no matter what, no matter your past. Judas’ journey, which some of you are familiar with, was not without its pain and self retribution, but he was always a follower of the Master. As you may know he thought he was doing something good and when he realized it would not turn out the way he had supposed he was struck in ways that are hard to describe in words and yet, here he is! A Divine Angel who communicates wisdom and truth and the love of God and yesterday spoke eloquently about light and its vibration and its power to heal. I wish to add to that conversation.

Most healers on the earth are working in what you deem the natural love. Because wounds and hurts and encrustations, as you say, can be dealt with and healed in the natural love, providing that the recipient is open, you may wonder what is a Divine Love healing if all can be healed in the natural?

The natural love and its healers do not heal the soul in the sense that natural healing cannot provide or is not open to the Divine love of the Heavenly Father to transform it. Yet there are many souls who are in need of a healing and they suffer from abuses in their childhood. This may be physical, may be sexual, may be verbal, may be environmental. Some suffer from the continuing of the habits of those who came before them genetically, DNA wise - parents, grandparents, and so forth. And difficult as it may seem they are often able to get healings by being open to the natural love and natural love healers on the earth. This does many a great deal of good.

Others get to a point where they simply cry out to God, “Dear God how can I overcome this addiction. How can I overcome this illness, these habits these wounds.” This very calling out, this prayer and deep longing not only connects with God but opens a spiritual door that may have been closed and now allows for that soul to awaken and see the situation in a way they could not perceive before. Whereas they might now clearly see now the environment that they are in is harmful. The company they keep, the places that they go to. It could even be what they watch via the media and film. And this has drawn negativity, darkness, vexed spirits and so now they see that if they can use their will, they can extricate themselves from these influences and indeed, this must be done.

Whether they proceed in receiving a healing through natural love and the healers on earth, or whether they open to God’s love and clearly see what is necessary that they can accomplish themselves by changing their habits, maybe their diets, what they consume, let’s say in body mind and soul. And as Judas said when you open to this love of God you lift the vibrations surrounding you and open to a healing in your body , mind and soul.

It has been said, related to you, that anything can be healed - the organs of the individual are not beyond repair. I wish to amend that slightly. So while it is true in the absolute sense, what is known on earth by doctors and scientists and the like as being beyond repair, is a variable. For this is not what we see and certainly not beyond what God can do. I say this to you so that you should never give up hope and have faith in the healings powers of God’s love and your own ability to be guided in every way.

May this world receive a deep healing and your prayers and those all around the world lift the vibrations on the earth to a new consciousness, to harmony in the natural and the Divine love. May God bless you with every good and perfect gift my dear friends, my brother and sisters on the path of Divine love.

I am Yogananda. May God bless you