Messages 2020

Noah comes to Explain

December 29th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Noah. My dear boy you ask about the flood and about the details and circumstances of my life on earth so long ago.

There was indeed a flood. I perceived this and I did indeed build a craft for my family and for some animals. I had warned others about the coming events and I was known as someone who had dreams and premonitions - as someone who could foresee events and often people would come and inquire. Others thought me strange or perhaps a bit crazy as you would say. In those days this was not so unusual.

Whether or not I was taken seriously was another matter and I was not taken as seriously in this matter as what I perceived would happen. Many died in this flood but not all. The part of the world where we were was inundated with rain and high waters and many perished, so it seemed as though we were the only survivors and of course the accounts of this episode were greatly enhanced in the biblical records to make a point including the size of the craft and its ability to carry all the animal species of the world.

Of course I can tell you these would not have fit into the great structure that the biblical record records and I could not have built such a structure. But I did have faith and I did have precognition so my family was saved. There are no remnants left of that vessel.

I can also tell you the purpose of the story is to have faith and follow one’s guidance. If you can apply it to these current times, the events occurring on earth presently, then consider that my story will be most helpful to you. And as you know you have perceived these events and the seriousness of them and you have told others. Your friend has received many communications on this issue and they have been documented, recorded and written down.

Whether or not you come together as a community physically, may or may not happen but I do commend you for coming together spiritually, asking for guidance and praying for God’s Love on your spiritual lifeboat that your souls will survive and be blessed for all eternity regardless of Earth events. This is a wonderful and most precious undertaking and we here acknowledge it and encourage it and are quite happy to assist. As for the physical, follow your guidance without fear. God will provide and we shall guide you. It is love.

We are watching over you all with great love every day every night everywhere you are in these troubled times.1 Have faith. God bless you. My dear brother, I thank you. With all my love to you and all. I am Noah.

Note 1 Noah explained some time back the real cause of the huge flood he experienced - it was Earth Changes such as we are currently experiencing once again.

Note General Geoff Cutler requested an answer from Noah because of a comment made by Clare of Assisi that he was an excellent example of faith plus another much earlier message from Noah that simply said there was no ark without further explanation. I was concerned that without clarity from Noah we could be seen to be supporting the Biblical story of Noah which no thinking person could accept as true.