Messages 2020

Trust and Faith

July 8th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Clare of Assisi. Yes it is me and I am your sister on this path of Divine Love and Faith. I know in the messages that the brother (HR) received from Judas there are some wonderful insights into what is Faith and how to obtain it. And in those messages it is said this does not include the entirety of what is faith.

I would say consider the Faith of not only Elijah, but of Moses, leading his people, rising up in Faith, trusting in God, the faith of Noah building an ark, being ridiculed and laughed at, and yet he knew.1 In my time the, faith of Francis and of course the availability of God’s Love, walked hand in hand. I saw this with the eyes of my soul and that very perception lit a fire in my heart. It caused me to have Faith because I could see what Francis and his brothers could accomplish, could bring to the world, walking in Faith. And so I also took that path and my sisters and I, we too, the Poor Ladies (later the Poor Clare’s) as they called us, how we were blessed. Often Faith sits side by side in the mind, with trust. And while the two walk together, one is more of the human condition for you can trust in people and events and I would say: “put trust in God and the knowings of the soul” - this is Faith. As you receive this love (and as you have just read) the soul perceptions increase and the vision, the perception of immortality, becomes a real thing.

My three kind mice you are blessed with this faith and this knowing and it shall only increase the more you open to God’s love and allow Him to touch your souls to shine a light beyond fear beyond worry beyond doubt and yes beyond ridicule as you walk in faith and in the flow of Grace.

You attract us, you bring us into your circle, and allow us to share and guide you and love you with the love in our souls. Thank you for allowing me to come and speak. With my love and blessings for all and in the Grace of God I am your sister and friend, I am Clare of Assisi. God bless you.

Note 1 This comment about an “ark” by Clare is probably a simple mediumistic error, rather than a mistake by Clare, and Noah has confirmed in the linked message that he did not build an ark as defined in the bible but a much smaller “craft”.