Direct Voice

Volume Five of Direct Voice Message preparations

Retreat Two

October 1st, 2018 to October 27th, 2018

(This volume has been completed)

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus and Guides Jesus and Guides Welcome The Circle of Seven October 1st, 2018
Keea-atta Kem Soul Awakening, a New Birth October 1st, 2018
Seretta Kem The Transformative Blessing of God’s Love October 1st, 2018
Matthew All Relies on Soul October 2nd, 2018
Seretta Kem The Birthing of the Soul October 2nd, 2018
Martha Prayer for Divine Love Opens the Door to Soul Awakening October 3rd, 2018
Matthew Go Naked To God In Joy October 4th, 2019
Goldie Celestials Dancing with Joy October 4th, 2018
Jesus Jesus Responds to Our Prayers of Gratitude October 5th, 2018
Seretta Kem The Birthing of the Soul October 6th, 2018
Keea-atta Kem Commune soul to soul October 6th, 2018
Jesus God Desires You to be an Awakened Soul October 7th, 2018
Seretta Kem You Awaken Together to be Part of God’s Plan October 7th, 2018
Andrew Walk in the Light October 8th, 2018
Seretta Kem The Integration of the Material Mind With the Soul Mind October 9th, 2018
Augustine Augustine Calls Upon Us to Take Greater Responsibility October 10th, 2018
Seretta Kem Direct Voice Clarified – Alignment of Soul October 10th, 2018
Confucius Nurture Your Souls in Prayer and Service October 11th, 2018
Jesus A Day to be With God October 11th, 2018
Keea-atta Kem Compassion For Self and Others During Soul Awakening October 11th, 2018
Guru Ram Das A Blessing of Healing October 11th, 2018
Thomas Aquinas Know God with the Soul Mind October 13th, 2018
Seretta Kem Service Awakens the Soul October 14th, 2018
Seretta Kem Seek Harmony in All Things October 15th, 2018
Matthew The Awakening and Liberation of the Soul Through Love Divine October 15th, 2018
Seretta Kem A Kaleidoscope of Light October 16th, 2018
Goldie God’s Love Brings the Greatest Joy October 17th, 2018
Matthew God’s Love Within Brings Deep Changes to Your Lives October 17th, 2018
Seretta Kem The Angels Deepen Their Rapport October 17th, 2018
Soloman Wisdom of the Soul October 17th, 2018
Thomas Aquinas The Work Continues as You Stay Dedicated to God October 17th, 2018
Martin Luther Your Growing Strength Prepares You to Serve in Coming Times October 17th, 2018
Seretta Kem Acknowledgement of On-Line Prayer Circle, Encouragement for D.V. October 21st, 2018
Alec Gaunt Continue to Build the Bridge Between Your Soul and God’s Soul October 22nd, 2018
Elsie An Old Friend Supports Us in Prayer October 22nd, 2018
Matthew Time to Make Greater Efforts to Grow in Prayer October 22nd, 2018
Mary Angels Pray for us in Our Awakening October 22nd, 2018
Andrew Seek Harmony Through God’s Love October 23rd, 2018
Seretta Kem Soul Awakening, the Powerhouse of Your Gifts October 23rd, 2018
Mark Faith Rides Upon the Wings of Love October 23rd, 2018
Seretta Kem Talk of the Service that May Come October 24th, 2018
Keea-atta Kem Integrate Soul Awakenings with Mind and Body October 24th, 2018
Augustine Listen to Your Soul Not the Illusions of Your Mind October 25th, 2018
Martin Luther Compassion as an Expression of Love for Self and Others October 25th, 2018
Lotus Blossom Spirit Commit to Walk With Us October 26th, 2018
Martha We Are With You as You Walk the Way of Love October 26th, 2018
Martin Luther The Progressive Awakening of the Soul October 26th, 2018
Matthew Healing Through Love Creates the Wealth of the Soul October 26th, 2018
Thomas Aquinas You Have Done Well October 26th, 2018
Keea-atta Kem Soul Awakening Through God’s Love is the Key to All Gifts October 26th, 2018
Goldie So Much Will Continue to be Given October 27th, 2018
Jesus You Follow the Path That I Followed October 27th, 2018
Seretta Kem Seretta Kem’s Loving Reflections October 27th, 2018