Direct Voice

Volume Two of Direct Voice Message preparations

April 20 to October 21, 2017

A pdf of these messages in Volume Two is available

Author Title Date of Message
Augustine Choose to Embrace God’s Will April 20th, 2017
Seretta Kem The Angels support our choice for Direct Voice May 18th, 2017
Goldie Goldie’s Enthusiasm and Encouragement May 18th, 2017
Seretta Kem Preparations for Direct Voice May 25th, 2017
Seretta Kem Direct Voice Guidance continued May 26th, 2017
Stephen Pray for Love; Blossom in Love June 5th, 2017
Seretta Kem You must be the rock of comfort in the coming times June 6th, 2017
Augustine Release of Soul Wounds is A Free Will Choice June 8th, 2017
Alec Gaunt Alec shares his frustrations with the first D. V. project June 12th, 2017
Seretta Kem Seretta Kem gives instructions for D.V. preparation June 12th, 2017
Augustine Always seek for the Highest Love June 14th, 2017
Goldie Be Joyful advice from Goldie June 14th, 2017
Seretta Kem Diagnosis for Al June 14th, 2017
Augustine Preparation for Direct Voice June 17th, 2017
Seretta Kem Answer to H’s Questions June 23rd, 2017
Confucius Advice from an Old Sage June 24th, 2017
Seretta Kem With the Development of this Gift, a new level of Communication will come July 6th, 2017
Matthew Individual Guides for Direct Voice July 9th, 2017
Seretta Kem Encouragement and Guidance - a Blueprint for Change July 12th, 2017
Seretta Kem You Are Jewels Beyond Price July 16th, 2017
Keea Atta Kem and Goldie Guidance concerning your Guides July 16th, 2017
Seretta Kem Confidentiality Guidance July 22nd, 2017
Jesus May your souls shine with the Father’s Love July 30th, 2017
Seretta Kem God will guide you to the parched lands of the world July 30th, 2017
Augustine Progressing the soul and detecting changes August 2nd, 2017
Jesus The advancing of the soul August 5th, 2017
Jesus Jesus confirms he intends to materialize August 6th, 2017
Seretta Kem The Need for Harmony on All Levels in Order to Facilitate D.V. August 6th, 2017
Goldie When the Saints Come Marching In August 6th, 2017
Augustine The Time has Come to Listen to the Wisdom of Your Souls August 7th, 2017
Lotus Blossom Personal for M August 10th, 2017
Confucius Confucius advises us to rest our minds August 12th, 2017
Augustine Be Honest With Yourselves August 13th, 2017
Augustine How your gifts will emerge August 20th, 2017
Seretta Kem Many gifts will emerge August 20th, 2017
Seretta Kem The various purposes of the upcoming retreat September 10th, 2017
Seretta Kem Much awaits you September 17th, 2017
Jesus This is a blessed path September 24th, 2017
Seretta Kem Preparations by spirit continue September 24th, 2017
Jesus All Is Done In Love - D.V. September 25th, 2017
Matthew The Awakening of the Soul Giving Rise to the Harmonization of the Material Mind and the Soul September 25th, 2017
Alec Gaunt This is all in God’s Timing September 26th, 2017
Augustine Some discussion about mediumship September 30th, 2017
Joshua Bridge Differences With Love September 30th, 2017
Seretta Kem Guidance on D.V. Preparations October 1st, 2017
Tahlia Walk in the Light Through Coming Upheavals October 2nd, 2017
Matthew The Purpose of Direct Voice October 4th, 2017
Seretta Kem and Jesus Direct Voice Instruction October 8th, 2017
Seretta Kem Advice on diet for D.V. October 8th, 2017
Augustine Your Souls certainly have been Attuned and Blessed October 14th, 2017
Keea Atta Kem How Truth emerges in the Soul October 14th, 2017
Jesus God Is Whispering Within You October 14th, 2017
Seretta Kem All In Harmony October 14th, 2017
Seretta Kem Detailed instructions regarding the Direct Voice sessions October 15th, 2017
Goldie Don’t take yourselves too seriously October 18th, 2017
Confucius H’s Arrival October 20th, 2017
Goldie Love and Laughter with Goldie October 20th, 2017
Martin Luther Martin Luther Greets H October 20th, 2017
Mary Much work awaits October 21st, 2017
Seretta Kem Preparing for Direct Voice to Begin October 21st, 2017