Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2020

These are the spirit communications we have received in the year 2020.

This page is still getting messages added. It will be a long time before all of the 2020 messages are here, because we are currently working on adding 2018. But when a very significant message is received, it “jumps the queue.”

Author Title Date of Message
Josephus Why Does God Allow the Suffering of the Innocent? January 1st, 2020
Josephus What is God’s Plan for the Salvation of Humanity? January 2nd, 2020
Augustine The World is Enshrouded in Mist and Hues of Grey January 7th, 2020
Jesus Love Must Become the Currency of Humanity January 12th, 2020
Seretta Kem Prayer Must be Your Focus - D.V. January 12th, 2020
Augustine God Has a Great Plan Afoot for the Salvation of Humanity - D.V. February 2nd, 2020
Seretta Kem Encourage and Embrace Differences - D.V. February 17th, 2020
Seretta Kem Do Not Lose Your Resolve for Developing the Gift of Direct Voice March 1st, 2020
Jesus The Times of Great Change are Upon Us March 2nd, 2020
Keea Atta Kem A Serious Talk On Changing Earth Conditions. March 15th, 2020
Josephus How to deal with the changing conditions of this Earth at this time March 29th, 2020
Seretta Kem Each Individual Experiences Their Spiritual Journey in a Unique Way March 30th, 2020
Seretta Kem Mediumship Requires Dedication to Developing a Relationship with God April 3rd, 2020
Keea Atta Kem The Style of Receiving Messages is Unique to the Individual April 3rd, 2020
Yogananda Explanation of How the Chakras Are Used in Spirit Communication April 3rd, 2020
Guru Nanak My Journey to Bring Equality and Love to Mankind April 7th, 2020
Seretta Kem The Consciousness of the Soul April 18th, 2020
Andrew The Renewal and Awakening of You and the World are Like Spring’s Renewal April 20th, 2020
John the Beloved Make a Deep Commitment to Long for God’s Love April 21st, 2020
Josephus Free Will and Its Impact on Earth April 27th, 2020
Josephus Creativity is the Wellspring of the Soul April 29th, 2020
Michael Collier The Law of Activation is Ignited by Prayer May 5th, 2020
Seretta Kem How the Mind interprets events compared to the Soul May 8th, 2020
Keea-atta Kem Spiritual Laws of Prayer, Activation and Desire May 14th, 2020
Seretta Kem God’s Plan for the Salvation of Mankind and Direct Voice June 14th, 2020
Ann Rollins Network of Love - D.V. June 15th, 2020
Augustine Warnings of More Changes to Come that will Bring Havoc June 22nd, 2020

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