Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2019

These are the spirit communications we have received in the year 2019.

This page is still getting messages added. It will be many months before all of the 2019 messages are here, because we are currently working on 2018.

Author Title Date of Message
Augustine Nurturing This Center of Light Will Open Many doors in The Future January 4th, 2019
Augustine Resolve to Know Your Soul January 4th, 2019
Andrew The Fate of this World rests upon each Soul’s Choice January 13th, 2019
Augustine How can Diverse Beliefs be Unified January 26th, 2019
Augustine Questions Regarding Guidance about Earth Changes January 26th, 2019
Sri Yarisupta Questions Answered About Divine Love Healing January 26th, 2019
Jesus Jesus Incarnated as a Complete Soul and Has No Other Half or Soulmate January 27th, 2019
John the Beloved Sleep State Question & Answer January 27th, 2019
Matthew Releasing the Last Dark Vestiges in the Soul January 28th, 2019
Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene is not Jesus’ Soulmate January 29th, 2019
Jesus How can we discern Truth when messages from different mediums contradict each other? January 30th, 2019
Paramahansa Yogananda Reincarnation and the Perception of It Proliferated by Many Yogis and Gurus Of The East January 31st, 2019
Josephus Faculties of the Soul February 1st, 2019
Osho Bhagwan God’s Love is the True Way to Liberation February 12th, 2019
Seretta Kem The Process of Expiation February 16th, 2019
Augustine Understanding the Power of Free Will February 22nd, 2019
Augustine What is the Soul? March 9th, 2019
Tahlia That Which is Not in Harmony with God’s Creation Will Fall Away March 10th, 2019
Seretta Kem Change is Upon This World March 24th, 2019
Andrew God is Preparing Many Souls for What is Coming April 1st, 2019
Augustine Destiny and Free Will April 10th, 2019
Augustine Destiny and Free Will - 2 April 11th, 2019
Yogananda What Magnificence Lies Ahead! May 3rd, 2019
Matthew A New Reality Dawns May 20th, 2019
Augustine The Children of Your Children Will Know a Different World May 22nd, 2019
Augustine Choose to Drink the Sustenance of the Life of the Soul May 27th, 2019
White Cloud You Must Stand Up and Speak The Truth June 1st, 2019
Matthew Differences of Perception Between the Material Mind and the Mind of the Soul June 1st, 2019
Matthew Do Not Judge Others June 3rd, 2019
Augustine The Gift of Mediumship July 8th, 2019
Josephus The Indwelling Spirit is not a valid construct July 9th, 2019
Aaron Be God’s Active Agent of Change July 9th, 2019
Josephus Dealing with Cellular memories of error July 10th, 2019
Josephus Prepare Yourself Spiritually for the Coming Changes in the World July 12th, 2019
Jesus Your Life Will Have Purpose as You Follow God’s Will and Truth July 12th, 2019
Josephus The Law of Attraction and Dark Spirit Attachments July 13th, 2019
James Padgett What is Truth? July 15th, 2019
James Padgett Celestial Mediumship compared with Evidential Mediumship August 12th, 2019
Moses Mankind will have to choose August 30th, 2019
Luke The Magnetism of God’s Love September 23rd, 2019
Augustine The World is in Great Need October 15th, 2019
Hafiz My Poetry Reflects my Communion with God November 4th, 2019
Augustine There Are Great Changes Coming to Earth November 9th, 2019
Eileen Caddy Be Beholden to No One Except God November 11th, 2019
Josephus Truth Comes When the Soul Begins to Awaken from Deep Slumbers November 16th, 2019
Luke The Energetic Conditions of Earth Affects You All November 17th, 2019
Francis of Assisi Become the Gardeners of your Souls November 17th, 2019
Matthew There Will be a New Dawn of Love November 22nd, 2019
Michael Collier The Needs of the World Require your Service and Commitment December 7th, 2019
Jesus The Fate of the World Rests on Those Willing to Carry the Truth December 17th, 2019
Nicodemus Come together as a community December 18th, 2019
Augustine In the End there Will be Peace and Harmony December 20th, 2019

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